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Smart Sindara, the adventure series.

Smart Sindara is the lovable, smart & confident character you’ve been waiting for! Read more below. Also, learn how to become our distributor/how to order copies of the book.

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Author’s comment: Amusing, witty fiction stories on morals, cleverness and family values in a unique and new way. It is a must read for every child to stay connected to their roots and grow up smart and confident. Sindara is the lovable African character everyone has been waiting for. The eleven chapters tell stories on family bond, relevance of education, financial wisdom, confidence, failure and success, responsibility, invention and how to handle bullies. It teaches these concepts with exciting adventure stories and recaps key chapter with lessons learnt and engaging exercises.

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The book is a fiction book with 11 chapters. The chapters are:

Chapter 1: Meet my family: Introduction to family values and principles.

Chapter 2: Why should I go to school? Exposes the mind to the various benefits of education beyond reading and writing.

Chapter 3: Grandma says I must save money: teaches basic financial literacy skills for kids.

Chapter 4: Aunty Tomori’s instructions: educates on need versus want. A need is different from a want.

Chapter 5: The school bus bully gets into trouble: discourages bullying and suggests how to handle it.

Chapter 6: My first spelling bee: Intensive Spelling tutorials and public speaking skills.

Chapter 7: Easter village party: Adventure around culture and heritage.

Chapter 8: Am I a loser? Educates on failure and how to overcome failure.

Chapter 9: Excursion to the Sugar factory: Trains on importance of food processing, agriculture and innovation in a very simple manner.

Chapter 10: I am responsible for ‘Jack’: teaches responsibility and accountability.

Chapter 11: Here comes the student of the year: Celebration of the Heroine character- Oluwasindara

Directory of complex words and meaning to improve your vocabulary: Menu of difficult words in the book and their meanings.

Each major chapter has engaging exercises that can be done as school or home work. This is not just a book, it is a life changing experience for the audience and our vision is to see every child read it.

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Book Review: ‘Smart Sindara, The Adventure Series’

Bayo Adekanmbi: Executive, Business Transformation, MTN Nigeria and Author.

‘Smart Sindara’ introduces audiences to Sindara, a young Nigerian girl living in Lagos who is a lively, likable and interesting main character. Sindara and her friends and family are well-structured and consistent characters, each of them appealing and agreeable in their quirks and traits. The story clearly and cleverly depicts vibrant Nigerian culture, engrossing readers in the everyday lives and interactions of an interesting and relevant family in the heart of sub-Saharan Africa.

The book itself is structured around conveying to young readers a strong set of morals and values. Each chapter focuses on a different anecdote from Sindara’s daily life, and embeds a valuable lesson within the details of this story. Some examples include the importance of family, education, saving money, not bullying others, respecting your culture, remaining humble, and setting a good example for others. This method of teaching through storytelling is extremely effective, impactful and appropriate. The author expertly links morals to interesting and believable day-to-day events, to maintain readers’ attention. 

The underlying story and moral value of this book set it apart from many other options for a similar age group. It comes highly recommended as another template of raising a generation of excellence and moral standard. 

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