About MrsCeonaija

MrsCEOnaija.com, a distinct social enterprise centered on children development, youths and  women empowerment with the aim of building more empowered families and society. We specialize in:

  1. Educative events for children to open their minds to learning, thinking and innovating. We are the publisher and distributor of Smart Sindara, the adventure series book.
  2. Coach and inspire youths to open their minds to opportunities and develop their passions into viable careers and businesses. We do corporate development sessions.
  3. inspiring and facilitating women to have enhanced sources of income, either through career progression or business start-ups. We create a holistic environment for both female entrepreneurs and career oriented females to thrive.  We want girls and women to achieve financial dependence to create a balanced home. We also believe in catching them young hence our focus on both male and female children.2189.png
In summary, in the last three years, we have physically reached more than 5,000 children, youths and women with quality educative lectures, training, reading events, 1:1 coaching and mentoring. Mostly free or subsidized.  This includes 2 lectures at Babcock university, Mrsceonaija’s networking cocktail, Mrsceonaija’s agric training for women with Ope Farms as facilitator, leadership training for girls at WTEC for 2 consecutive years, training for SMEs at agrihub workshop, several reading events in developed and under-served areas and schools, various fairs and exhibitions.
Aside from trainings, we provided funding for start ups, in 2017, 3 SMEs won N100,000 each from our MBEF program. In 2018, 3 youths are getting free trainings on shoe making and photography.
Virtually, i coach more than 5,000 people through my social media platforms/channels. 4 are winners of TEEP funds. Please, follow us on facebook , instragram & twitter: mrsceonaija. Also, follow the blog on www.mrsceonaija.com.w tec.jpg

About the founder: Tolulope Adedeji.

-Founder Mrsceonaija, Director with a leading Multinational FMCG in Nigeria, 17 years experience in marketing, branding, business and Management.She is big advocate of Africa with work experience in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana

Mrsceonaija Initiatives:

 mesk logo

  1. MESK: Message to participants:

Are you out there and need an internship opportunity? Do you want to start your business but do no have enough funds to achieve this? Do you need a mentor/coach on business and career? Do you need training? MESK program is that support program for youths and women to nudge them one step closer to their dreams. Contact us on tolutoms@gmail.com.  copy customercare@mrsceonaija.com

Message to corporate sponsors

MESK will empower youths & women through free trainings, internships and skills acquisition. The idea is to show women how to fish instead of handing them fish.  ‘Our goal is to train 500 individuals in a year, we are so excited because we have some corporate partners already on board that have volunteered to give free trainings. We are calling on more corporate organizations and established businesses to volunteer to train at least 1 person in a year. You can volunteer training in your organization or cash to support the MESK funds.  Remember, there is something in your hand!  Use it to change a life forever today. Mesk program was launched in 2015. In 2018, 3 finalists were selected to learn shoe making and photography FREE. More information here–>FREE TRAINING

2. Funding (MBEF): Mrceonaijas budding entrepreneurs funds has awarded 3 start ups with N100,000 each so far to expand their businesses/start up their ideas. More on FREE FUNDING

3. Ladies networking cocktail: When ladies come together in a small circle to brainstorm on business and career growth with the guide of a leading industry guru. More on LADIES CONNECT

4. Reading events for children: Catch them young please! This is why we have expanded our scope to include children.  Our children are smart, open to learn and we equally passionate about exposing them to educative content: books, games, events and ideas. Join us as we move school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood to discuss with our children, educate on the need for education, build confidence and learning. We’ve attended several exhibitions and fairs.Examples, the NICK FEST, Lagos state book and art festival and more!

5. Trainings and events:  Our frequent training sessions on career and life skills are invaluable. See what went down at the Úrban garden training.