Be the master of the game! Lessons from Award winning Hakeem Effect

Be the master of the game! Lessons from Award winning Hakeem Effect

We are super hyped to learn from Hakeem Effect on being the master of one’s game. Hakeem is definitely one of the most awarded special effect make up artistes in Nollywood.IMG_20180213_075911.jpg

Mrsceonaija (MCN): Please, can you introduce yourself and your business?

Hakeem: I am Hakeem Onilogbo (Hakeem effect)…… A special effects makeup artist from Nigeria.

MCN: What are the memories, awards, moments you are most proud of?

Hakeem: I am excited about all my awards. From Amaa which I won back to back 2016 & 2017 to Amvca 2017 which I won on my 39th birthday. A double celebration.

MCN: How did you get so good at your craft?

Hakeem: For me, it is all rooted in God. My craft is a gift and talent. If you were given, you are so lucky. You can go to university to get your degree…but talent needs no degree to succeed in lifeIMG_20171020_105459_022.jpg

MCN: Many upcoming artistes struggle with funds for schooling abroad or big


Hakeem: Like I said, I never struggle on my chosen profession because it’s a gift from God and a divine gift. He can’t bless me with this gift and still be struggling with it. I didn’t go to any school to study SFX.

MCN: Another barrier to entry is having connections in the industry. How can a new kid on the block break into the industry?


Hakeem: When I started I didn’t have any connection and it was not easy. Life itself is not easy. To come to this world from one’s mother’s womb is not easy too. But because it is what God sent me to do, he has made provisions for me to actualize it. Remember, a man’s talent will make a way for him. And it will make him dine amongst the kings. With time & consistency, I made my way in the industry.

MCN: What is your advice for SMEs on attracting clients to their business?

Hakeem: Good work attracts clients, give in your best and they will come for you. You attract what you project.

MCN: What are the biggest challenges you faced at the various stages of your business?

Hakeem: 1st year, I tried to prove that I have what it takes to stay in the industry. Within 5years, I tried to perfect my craft. In the last 3 years, I made sure the name Hakeem effect is a brand.

MCN: What are the key ingredients for any business growth in Nigeria?

Hakeem: Hard work and experiment.  Don’t be afraid to try new things, experiment till you perfect it.    Let your creativity stretch peoples ‘mind.

MCN: What inspires you? How can entrepreneurs get inspired in tough times?

Hakeem: Talent is a plus, talent makes it easier to break ground, don’t relent. Everyone is gifted…discover your gift and the sky is your starting point. God is my solution to every problem and he is the source of my inspirationIMG_20171207_091715_659.jpg


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