I gave life a trial- inspired by #footlose1984

I am excited! And i wasn’t just 2 hours ago! What changed? I gave life a trial!

Let me break it down. I had a productive but long day. Driving home got a little tiring because I got a little car sick. Just when I thought I was going to crawl into bed after the day finally ended about 10pm, I decided I didn’t want to end the day on a low so I  flipped through  channels in search  of a movie. Tuned to my favourite channels but nothing caught my fancy so I tried one of these old school channels.

I saw the movie ‘footloose’. It stopped me just because it is a dance movie. I love dance, dancing, dance movies, dance shows , dance pages, anything dance.

Hmmmmm…the only issue is the movie is a 1984 movie! Who plays a 1984 movie on a Tuesday night, in October 2017? On a night i need some cheer! Seriously.

So I did the natural thing- I changed the channel. I didn’t give life a trial in that moment. I didn’t give the movie a chance! How many of us are guilty of this? Not movies, I mean life generally. We may not want to try a new relationship, a new job, a new location, a new food, a new hairstyle, a new lifestyle, a new cloth colour, a new team, a new friend. The list is endless!

The question is – why! Why didn’t I give the movie a chance?

For me, it was stereotype. In my mind, a 1984 movie must have bad production, an overmilked plot, outdated dance steps, songs I don’t know , funny accents. I cannot deal. All these I decided even before I watched 2 minutes of the movie. I was wrong.

The scary part is one of the early dance sequence was so good, I was convinced it wasn’t the lead actor that danced it. I believed they must have used a body double. So guess what I did? I rewinded that dance sequence just to prove my sceptism. I watched it critically at least 5 times only to conclude I was wrong yet again. It was not a body double. It was the actor. PAUSE, let us assume it is a body double, how is it my problem?  Will I go beat up the movie director from 1984?  Sigh.

I had a good laugh at my self and let my guard down. Finally, laid pretty on my couch and enjoyed the movie. I SAVOURED IT.

Fast forward 2 hours. I must say it is one of my best dance movies of all time. And I’ve seen a lot- Save the last dance, Shall we dance, Honey, Step up 3d, Step up revolution, Step up all in, You got served, Center stage, Black swan, Bring it on ati Beebee lo

This is what happens when you give life a trial. You win some, you lose some. Tonight was a win.

Aside from good fun, the movie reminded me of key values- resilience , passion for success, courage. It inspired me to write this at midnight. YES.  So pumped up for a great day ahead.

What is holding you back from giving life a trial?

Picture credit- Californiatheatre.

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