The day I fell!

The day I fell.

Nollywood is rocking at the moment. Some big movies this year include isoken, roti, 10 days in suncity, picture perfect, banana island ghost and the anticipated wedding party 2.

You may wonder what nollywood has to do with my fall. Well, my fall was just like a movie! And I didn’t see it coming either.

Flashback to 1999, I was a 100 level undergraduate in university. We had an active basketball community so I went to watch a match. The game heated up, we clapped, we cheered and right in the middle of all the excitement, a player ran off the court and rammed into me.

Slow motion movie moment happeennnnnedddddd! A huge 6feet well built basketballer knocked tiny me over. It was a spiderman moment as I flew off the side and landed upside down. My long skirt formed a sausage wrap around my waist. My mind left my body!

The dude picked me up apologised profusely and moved on! Emphasis on moved on!!

But how could he move on!! Fury raged within me. I couldnt cry but i wanted to. I almost died from shame!

Fastforward to 2017, I learnt 3 things;

  1. Sometimes, we are more bothered about the stigma of falling and not the pain/fall itself. I could have broken my skull but I didn’t care at that moment. I cared more about the embarrassment. This is wrong. In life, business and marriages, this happens too. Some people will rather tolerate pain than the embarrassment of quitting or admitting they failed.

  2. The guy moved on because he had his eyes on the prize, on winning the game , on being there for his team. So whether my skirt flipped or not, he moved on. On the other hand, I was a spectator so I had no vision to chase. I had time to dwell on self pity. When you fail, it is easier to bounce back when you have your eyes on a higher order.

  3. No one cares. I remember walking round the school for the next one week with an invisible hood covering my shame. In my mind, everyone will remember that moment for the rest of their lives! Forever! They will tell their children and grandchildren.

But the reality is no one cares about my fall in 2017. Some barely remember my name in 2017. So anytime you fail , don’t think the world is recording it in their journals. They don’t care! Everyone is busy with their lives- getting married, getting jobs, building houses, giving back to their society, managing a family crisis and more.

So when next you fall, ask yourself – will this matter in 10 years from now?

Let me know your thoughts

And yes! That is moi falling in a pool! And being scared for no reason ( it’s a shallow pool so I had no reason to fear…but I did)

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