What 40 million dollars can do for you, aside from being locked in a room.

What 40 million dollars can do for you, aside from being locked in a room.

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It is no longer news that about 40 million dollars was found locked up in a house by EFCC. Precisely, the agency found 38 million dollars, 23 million naira, and 27,000 pounds in an apartment in Ikoyi Lagos.
If this isn’t madness, what is it? I spent a good part of the day wondering what the looter had in mind. 

40 million dollars is about 16 billion naira (At a forex conversion of N400 to 1$). To help quantify the value of the money, I simulated a few ways this money can be used.

• It will buy Jamb forms for 2.5 Million youths
• It will buy 1 million bags of rice which is enough to feed 1 million people for 1 year each
• It will acquire 150,000 plots of arable land in rural areas for agriculture and create at least 1 million jobs
• It is the full year budget of a Government University, with about 35,000 students
• It is enough to cover basic vaccines for 3 million new born babies and prevent premature death/diseases
• It is enough working capital to set up 16,000 SMEs and create more than 200,000 jobs directly & indirectly
• It will provide about 4,000 housing units/accommodation schemes for 4,000 families
• It pays almost 1 million workers the current minimum wage for a month.
• LAUTECH was shut down for 8 months. It only resumed after Oyo & Osun states released an amount equivalent to mere 3% of the stolen loot to pay salary arrears and other costs. Mere 3% of the loot kept a school shut down for 8 months and several youths idle.
• It will buy more than 5 million textbooks to equip school libraries nationwide.
• It will deliver fertility treatments (IVFs) to 10,000 families.
• It will cover Kidney transplants for up to 5,000 patients
• It will buy up to 350,000 wheelchairs for people living with mobility challenges
• It will build and operate at least 300 primary schools, educating up to 500,000 students in a year.
• It will pay One state’s workers’ salaries for 1 year
• It will supply 40 million packs of pads to females nationwide
• It will supply 320 million eggs nationwide- enough protein source, all year round.
• It will supply electricity to more than 300,000 SMEs for a month.
Now, how can one person lock that up in a room and sleep at night? How can such people come out and analyze why the naira has lost so much value in the last one year? How can such people look into their children’s faces? How can they look away from the many hungry faces on the roads? How can they sleep at night?
Whist I do not have the answers to these questions, I know one thing for sure. Our votes do count, 2019 is just around the corner. We must vote for people that have character, strong leadership, relevant skills/exposure and most importantly, a heart and body to serve. I mean serve the nation, not their pockets.

Are you thinking about 2019? Are you getting ready? Watch out for more on this space. Please, feel free to add your comments below and share! This issue should trend until 2019 ideally. It is too severe to be ignored.

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