Are you lost?

I hard a clear scary dream. The moment I woke up, I knew in my spirit, it was a message. Here it goes; 

I was somewhere abroad visiting family and friends. I was staying with my uncle in one town and we decided to visit another relative in another town. 

Once the visit was over, my uncle told me to return to Base alone because he had business to tidy up. He gave me the train ticket and told me the station number.

I didn’t see a need to panic since I am familiar with train station processes. As I got to the bus station, I realised I couldn’t remember the exact name of our Base town. Anyhow, I had the code on the ticket and I decided to show a nice lady on the road. She was gracious and showed me around the station.

Finally, the train departed and I was  grateful to the nice lady. The train personnel announced my code so I got down. Unfortunately, that location didn’t look like my final destination. Behold, it was some sort of connecting town. I was lost! My heart started palpitating. 

Are you familiar with this? Do you sometimes feel lost? In life? Career? Marriage? School? Family? 

Let me break it down.

  1. Heading out of that town without getting details of my Base town is like navigating life without a purpose. Having the code wasn’t enough. I should have gotten a clear address, the name of the town, description and more. That is defining purpose. What were you made for? What keeps you awake at night? What do you want to solve? What do you have passion for? What legacy do you want to leave? 

  2. The nice lady on the road pointed me to the station but didn’t tell me the code is for a connecting town. Not every one that smiles with you will assist you in achieving life’s purpose. Some just don’t have the knowledge no matter how nice they seem . Your circle of friendship, mentors, colleagues, family should be enablers but not your source.

  3. Don’t rely on your power and understanding. I felt I knew my way just because I’m familiar with travelling abroad and train stations. I didn’t ask my uncle enough questions. On the journey of life, information is key. Be inquisitive, learn and stay humble. Spend time with those you can learn from.

  4. Never lose contact with the source. God is the giver of purpose and direction. I didn’t have my uncles number. He was my source in that city so I got lost. In life, God is the ultimate source of purpose. Build a relationship so close that you communicate everytime. He is the ultimate navigator.

Live a purpose filled life! #livenotjustexist. 

God bless you

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