The make up agency is recruiting

Are you between ages 18 and 25? Are you passionate and skillful in the artistry of makeup? Have you learnt (either through formal training or virtual class – hello ladies always on YouTube ) the skill of glamming another up for an owambe or that bride-to-be for the biggest day of her life? If you are this lady but the only thing stopping you is the lack of tools required to do this thing you love so much, listen up and continue reading…
The Makeup Agency is a network of young, vibrant, skillful and dutiful beauty enthusiasts who have the passion to beautify women’s faces. The Make up Agency is a platform that seeks to empower makeup artists (between ages 18 and 25) who desire to start a professional makeup business but are without the initial financial requirement.

The agency is a non-location based “depot” of all the makeup tools required to complete a makeup job – all the artist needs to do is to “Glam-the-Client”  and by the way, the agency will also support you in marketing your skill and getting you clients – how cool is that?

Note; due to the risks involved in this innovative, one-of-a-kind model, an assessment (technical & non-technical skills) will be conducted to determine your ability and/or readiness to join the agency.

If you are interested, please send an email to with your bio/resume and you will be contacted. Also leave a comment here! 

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