Should your roots affect you?

Should your roots affect you?
Hello! I’ve been off for a while now, I’m back now so let’s all have a blissful 2017 together. I traveled to my hometown during the holidays, while I was there, lots of thoughts filled my head.

Basically, let me ask, Should your roots define you ? Should your past or your foundation ascertain your future ? I answer No. I’m an Igbo girl, yet I wouldn’t hide or lie to the fact that where I come from, Ndi Igbo have a saying for it . It goes “When you see an Mbaise man and a snake in your house, kill the Mbaise man before you kill the snake”.

Can you imagine ? This saying has grown with me and because of that, I always lied about my father’s place. Now I ask myself, Why is it so? Why and How are we more deadly than the deadliest creatures? But then I believe I don’t need answers to these because I have come to understand and realize that even the Holy One Jesus was betrayed by 2 of his 12 disciples, that we have the burning Sun and cooling Moon. What I’m I saying? That Life is even.

I agree with the fact that Mbaise where I come from has the good and the bad people. Just as other places do. Even an atom has positive and negative particles.

The most important aspect is that it all balls down to you. Yes You reading this ! How? It depends if you allow your roots define or rule your mind. As for me, where I come from doesn’t make me less human. I can stand boldly, shoulders high, claim my roots and defy all odds.

It is left for me to show to the world that I am different. So are you ! We shouldn’t let our roots defy us or create diminishing thoughts of us and our power in our heads and hearts.

You are you ! You should create a perfect version of yourself and shut down negative thoughts. You shouldn’t allow what “they say” about who you are or where you from affect you.

They say ‘leave matter for Matthias ‘ so why don’t we leave the roots to the roots and the history to the past because they have been there and would still be there. Control your present, create your connect to that awesome future.

Stories must tell, but never live for them, just listen to them. Be determined, leave your footprints in the sands of wherever you find yourself. Be the ‘bestest’ version of yourself because it is all in you, all about you and all on you! Make sure that you are worth the while.

What do you think? What other things should be considered to defy your roots?

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.

Picture credit: Nicholas Payton

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