How this okada man almost ‘got me’

How this okada man almost ‘got me’

As a typical Nigerian, I am sure one of the first things that came to your mind when you saw the title is ‘see juicy kidnap or theft escape gist’.daily-postNow, that you are here, let me tell you a short story first before I get to the okada man’s part. For 2.5 years, I had a nagging health challenge. It was not life threatening but it was pretty annoying. Somehow, I coped with it. I saw the best doctors, took pills and prayed but it persisted. July 2016, I saw a specialist in a seemingly razz part of Lagos.  You know these experienced doctors from government hospitals that set up their private practice in the remote parts of town where they can afford rent? ‘Yougerrit’!  He gave me a few pills and asked me to make some life style changes. These coupled with more intense prayers, this issue disappeared. It is a miracle I tell you. I mean a huge miracle.

2 lessons here.

  1. All that glitters is not gold. Something that appears good for you may not be good for you and something that appears less good may be the best. I wasn’t distracted by the modesty of the environment. I focused on the specialist’s knowledge and tried his solution. In life, some opportunities may be shrouded by dirt. Some professions may seem dirty, some offices may not be grandiose but they just may be the best learning and rewarding experiences you’ll ever have.
  2. You never know what you have till you lose it. I took my health for granted till I almost lost it. I pushed hard, travelled hard, got sub- optimal sleep just because I am a ‘strong woman’. Well, my body showed me that I am O.Y.O (on my own).

Now back to the okada man, I promise you- he is not imaginary and I will get to him in a bit.

One of my main priorities in 2017 is my health. No unnecessary over-passion in the wrong areas. Big theme is ‘Major on the Major’. Though, I’ve received praises that my hips don’t lie, my BMI does. I need to lose a few Kgs. So I decided to start exercising again this week.

Monday was fun! Finally, I could rock my pink sneakers to match my pink top. Tues, I brandished my ‘no to corruption’ T-shirt and I could feel all eyes on me. In their minds, they were like ‘No corruption in Naija, HOW!!!!) Wednesday was aches and it stopped being cool.

Thursday started on a rock bottom low. I didn’t feel like walking at all. I hoped for a super –hero to whisk me off my bed and fly me across the estate just so I can count the miles. Who remembers rent a ghost from childhood. Even those ones didn’t come to save me.


Anyhow, I walked with my shoulders down. The devil struck! ( As a typical naijarian, I must put this on the devil). How else can you explain it?. This okada man stopped, looked at me thoughtfully. ‘You wan ride’ he asked? Suddenly, the okada looked like a Rolls Royce! It was clean, shining and just what I needed to get home. I walked towards it and he rode towards me.

You know that feeling right? The feeling of almost giving up on your goals? In this moment, I had flashback moments (the nolly wood type). 3 things.

  1. Visualized my end point: There is a reason for this. I want to be healthier, fit and get Idris Elba’s 6 packs. There is a BIGGER WHY.
  2. I visualized the consequences of not complying. I recall many of my ‘grannies’ that lived unfit lifestyles and how aged faster than my ‘grannies’ that did.
  3. I visualized people that have done it before me: I won’t mention names but there are so many hot ladies I know in their 50s. Do they have dragons on their heads?

Are you about to give up on your goals that you just set for 2017? Now visualize your 3 reasons not to: the BIGGER WHY, the CONSEQUENCES of not complying and ROLE MODELS that have done it before you. You feel that energy? Hold on.

Oh by the way, I looked at the Okada man ‘man to man’. I screamed out like the incredible HULK!! NOOOOOOO and I jogged past him. Na you dey send? Tell them you did not meet me.


Picture credit:warpedfactor, daily post.

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  1. You got there. I taught something bad happen…. Lol
    Anyway, that’s alright. Keep it up until you get the desired result. #OperationFit

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