How my earring hook saved the day! Lessons learnt for 2017.

How my earring hook saved the day! Lessons learnt for 2017.

I am not frequently vain. However, like every normal girl, I like to look pretty once in a while. Especially on important days. Two weeks ago was one of those days, I had a PR event which meant lots of pictures, media, camera, press, lights, camera and action. I was ready too. I wore a corporate but smart black dress. Oh I love black! Disrupted the look with a pair of boots and rocked my natural twist locks. Make up by me! Smile by me! Bag by somebody important too. Everything was set. I rehearsed my speech and got ready to step into the hall


However, devil na bad guy. Something just told me to take a last look at myself so I brought out my mini mirror and ran my fingers through my hair for the 1000th time. I felt something trickle down my body and it landed in the car space. You know one of those corners in the car that cannot be reached or seen. Oops! That was my earring hook.  I felt a small shiver of fear. There was no way I would appear in the pictures without my earring! Vanity hormones rushed through my veins.  What to do now!!! Eureka. I remembered I had a spare earring hook in my make-up pouch. Who randomly keeps a spare earring hook?

I kept it there several moments ago wondering the day it would be useful. Suddenly, the world was spherical again. Sanity restored. I reached for it and didn’t dare run my fingers through my hair again. It was time for my speech. As I walked into the hall, all I could think about was the importance of preparation.

  1. When preparation is being done, it seems stupid or unnecessary: Remember it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark! Same here. At the time I kept the hook, it was totally unnecessary. As you go into 2017, search the areas of your life that need extra preparation. Family investment time is preparation for future family bliss. Extra study hours is preparation for that one job opportunity that will open up. Your preparation will make you the best candidate for the job. Extra exercise is preparation for a healthier lifestyle, Investment in good friends is preparation for adequate support for life’s challenging and beautiful moments, adequate rest is preparation for productivity.
  2. Preparation is not always convenient:  Preparation takes away from the normal ‘flow’, preparation can be a disruption but it is needed. Have you taken some time to think about your goals for 2017? Financial goals? Health goals? Relationship goals? Corporate business goals? Weight goals? Community goals? Education goals? Career goals? Life goals? Preparation happens when it is prioritized. It is not default.
  3. As you go into 2017,
    1. break away from the normal ‘gra gra’,
    2. Take some time to rest. Clear the mental clutter.
    3. Meditate
    4. Think, plan ahead
    5. Go prepared.
    6. Set a big picture direction for yourself. Example, in 2016, my big theme was LIVE, NOT EXIST. I deliberately went into the year with this awareness and it stayed with me throughout the year.
    7. Are you going into 2017 with your extra earring hook? What is your big theme? Or slogan? Let us know.


Picturecredit: americanpearl

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