What this complex world needs


So many gods, so many creeds

So many paths that winds and winds

When all that this world needs

Is just the art of being kind

  • Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The importance of human kindness is known by the fact that an act of kindness lingers in the memory. No matter how little or big the kindness you show to someone is, it goes a long way. Kindness prove a lot of comfort, encouragement and happiness in one’s life. Once you show an act of kindness, God recognizes it and pays you back. Even though the person you help doesn’t appreciate it, LET IT GO, your reward isn’t in his or her ‘Thank you’ but from God.acts-of-kindness

I have this friend, he likes to give, once he helps or gives, he always remembers it and uses it against the person he helps. For instance, he gives out his shirt to you today, you wear it and show appreciation and then tomorrow, you maybe annoy him, he raises his voice at you and start regretting why he has helped you. Why? Because he feels that since he has helped you, you should see him as a god and respect him. Very funny. Once you give or help out someone, let your mind on it go with the person. The most High who is going to reward sees everyone and our heart. Show an act of kindness that comes from deep down and not one you reluctantly show.

I once helped a girl I knew a little about with some money, I had the money and she was in dire need of the money so I gave her when she asked. Though my friends complained about it but deep down, I knew my mind had left the money. I even forgot about it but her actually payed back in a bigger way, she referred me for a huge deal and I was even more grateful than her. If after giving her money and listened to my friends, I would have regretted the kindness I showed her and maybe even asked the girl back for a return of the money and maybe God wouldn’t have given me that deal.

They say ‘Givers never lack’ yes they don’t lack. Not just lack what they have given out, but more blessings, grace and abundant favor. When someone needs your help, and deep down you know you can help but you choose not to, how then do you expect God to release the blessings he has for you, He’ll also choose not to. You see this life we live in, isn’t a competition or race most of us see it as. No one knows his or her time of death, so why the cold heart and rush?

They also say ‘We only live once’, do you want to live this life and then regret it? An act of kindness never hurts or bites but blesses you so why don’t you touch a heart today. Even if the person can’t pay back, it wouldn’t hurt you to assist so just believe the reward is the payback in Heaven. There’s always someone you can comfort and encourage today with a simple act of kindness, anybody at all, might be your brother or sister.

At least, put a smile on someone’s face. That’s just what this complex world needs. Be inspired people. Share your thoughts? Has anyone shown you kindness that changed your life? Have you been rewarded with bad when you showed kindness?

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.

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