Entrepreneur of the week- Dora Faces


Hello People! How was your weekend? I got talking with this wonderful lady, you must have heard of her somewhere. Nowadays, everybody wants to get involved in handiwork to make ends meet. She’s a professional makeup artist, CEO D’ORA FACES.  She’s a very busy person but she found time for us; thank you ma. Enjoy! unnamed

MCN: Good day ma, Can you please introduce yourself? 

Tonia: My name is Tonia Enuodu. I’m a 23-year old civil engineering graduate of the Federal University of Technology Akure. I’m a makeup artist and run a makeup outfit called D’ORA FACES

MCN: Nice! When did you start? 

Tonia: I’ve been in the makeup world for two years now and I started makeup while in my 3rd year in school

MCN: Any Challenges so far?

Tonia: So far, I haven’t had any major challenges and I’m happy about that.

MCN: What are your fear(s) concerning your business? 

Tonia:‎ My biggest fear in my makeup work is not being able to satisfy a client. I haven’t had such situations before and I hope I won’t have that. Not being able to give a client what she wants could be a really bad image for my outfit so I try as much as possible to satisfy every client.

MCN: Do you need any help from the government?

Tonia: I don’t really need any help from the government as I have been able to come this far without them. I just need God more and not the government.

MCN. So, how can people contact you ?

I get contacted through social media. Mainly through Instagram and Facebook. Few people contact me through referral from other people I’ve worked with. People get to view my work on Instagram and Facebook and then they contact me through messages or calling my business phone number.unnamed-1

Instagram handle : @Tonia_x_

Facebook: dorafaces. My works are being uploaded there

MCN: Thanks a lot ma for the time.  Be sure to visit us on IG, Twitter @mrsceonaija, Facebook @mrsceonaija.com then our blog @ www.mrsceonaija.com 

Tonia: Thank you too

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.

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