Young minds are taking over! Meet Oreoluwa of O.R.E Stitches.

Young minds are taking over! Meet Oreoluwa of O.R.E Stitches.

Young minds are taking over ! I got talking with this amazing interesting young lady ; with minds like hers, ladies are set to rule! She’s a fashion designer and a student, owns and run her own outfit, O.R.E stitches. This was what went down img-20161024-wa012

MCN: Hello ma, thanks for having us. Can you please introduce yourself? 

Ore: I’m Balogun Oreoluwa Mary of O.R.E Stitches. I’m a 200-level student of Federal University of technology Akure. An indigène of Ondo state, reside in Lagos state. I’m the CEO of O.R.E Stitches

MCN: Nice! What’s O.R.E Stitches all about ? 

Ore: I started sewing 2014 immediately after I finished Secondary school and later 2015 I came up with my own initiative and brand nameimg-20161024-wa003

MCN: Young minds Power! Cool. So what do you think makes your business different? 

Ore:‎ ‎What’s makes my business different is my style. I mean my choice of material and what I make with them which makes them look readymade.

MCN: Nice! So far, what are your challenges? 

Ore: I’m sure there is no establishment that faces no challenges; be it little or big.  For me, at times it gets difficult when working alone, because for now I’m the CEO as well as the staff. So it gets really tasking when you have a whole lot of work knowing that you’re facing them alone. Combining it with schooling is tough.img-20161024-wa005

MCN: True. So how have you been able to combine all?

Ore: It’s not been that easy.  But you know there is nothing that can hinder ones passion. Once you love it you make time for it out of No time

MCN: Good talk ! So how has been your customer’s satisfaction? 

Ore: They have sure been satisfied. Plus the fact that my prices are students affordable. It makes it easier for students to patronize.

MCN: Great. How do you rank yourself among your competitors in the game? 

Ore: First thing is my prices are very affordable, best quality, packaging, consistency. Whether I’m home or in school, I keep it up. So they know I’m still there !IMG-20161024-WA011.jpg

MCN: Lol very nice! Do you have any fear(s)?

Ore: Fears? Never! I see myself competing with the likes of Yomi Casual in the next 5 years. With fear, I can’t think such.

MCN: That’s the power ! When you think positively, your mind adapts and you start working towards achieving your aim. Do you have any mentor?

Ore: I just mentioned my number 1 mentor, Yomi Casual, CEO Luminee

MCN: Any favorite quote? 

Ore: It used to be ‘ slow and steady wins the race ‘ but in my own words, ‘ hardwork and prayers wins the race’. I’m just a small girl with big dreams and big God.

MCN: That is beautiful! Do you need any help from the government? 

Ore: Has the government even helped themselves? I’m not even seeing them. But if they give me money, I would collect! Smiles.

MCN: So how will people contact you ? 

Ore: Facebook @ Mhizz Ore, IG @Mhiz_ Ore Twitter @Mhiz_Ore. My catalogue is uploaded there

MCN: Thanks alot for your time ma. God bless your hands 

Ore: Amen thank you too. Bigger you I pray

MCN: Amen. Be sure to visit us on Instagram, Twitter @mrsceonaija, Facebook then our blog @ IMG-20161024-WA009.jpg

Ore: I will.

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.

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