Read what went down at mrsceonaija’s 1st ladies networking cocktail. Key speaker: Dr Ola Orekunrin- founder of flying doctors. MBEF unveiled too.

Read what went down at mrsceonaija’s 1st ladies networking cocktail. Key speaker: Dr Ola Orekunrin- founder of flying doctors. MBEF unveiled too.

The first guest arrived promptly at 1:30pm! The next at 2pm. Then we waited a bit for others.colalge

However, once the event kicked in, there was no stopping. At our networking event, we deliberately ensured the audience size was just right to guarantee real discussions. Check that! Mrsceonaija’s networking cocktail delivered that.

We knew the ladies were still a bit reserved so we threw in our ice breaker game. In 10 mins, the ladies were chatting, writing and even singing! Unbelievable right? Check that too!event 4.PNG

No wasting time unnecessarily, our Key speaker walked in with so much simplicity. Dr Ola Orekunrin- the founder of Flying Doctors. She shared her start up lessons. We’ve captured a few of them. It is impossible to capture all the wisdom that sparked off within the intense question and answer sessions.

  1. Cash is king: For corporate employees, don’t leap from paid employment if you are not financially stable. Start when you are ready. Do not feel pressured to pull out. However, don’t take forever too.
  2. Own your vision– know what is firing you on. What is your big picture? What are the goals? You need a vision to keep you going.
  3. Have the right people on board: staff, board of directors, stakeholders, supporters. Your board of directors should have a mix of ‘corporate professionals’ and the hustlers/entrepreneurs.
  4. Let your customers fund your business. Don’t take loans for experiments. Your business must be structurally profitable before you scale up with a loan else you scale up debts! Save up, apply for grants, awards that have little or no cost of capital. Start with what you have.
  5. Bring something to the table: Be open to investors but know your onions first, know what you bring to the table and place a value on that. If you come with nothing to the table, you will have almost no control over your business. Investors will take it over.
  6. Start- up is not easy. There will be challenges but don’t over –intellectualize the idea. Start up. Plan your finances. Then go! Start small, learn and scale up.
  7. You don’t need to come from a dynasty to be successful: There is the myth that only people that come from rich connected backgrounds can make it. Totally False. Network, leverage your network, come with a value proposition, be innovative and you will thrive.

Amazing nuggets right? Well, it would mean nothing without action so what are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!

Amazing ladies came, saw, networked and they conquered. They rated the event the score of 8.2 out of 10. This says it all so don’t miss the next edition.event-5

The evening climaxed with the reveal of the mrsceonaija’s budding entrepreneurs funds. 3 winners will be awarded N100, 000 each to start up or enrich their businesses. Apply here. MBEF FUNDSmbef-announcement

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