The Feminist- what does it mean?

The Feminist- what does it mean?

Okay, so Nigeria celebrated Independence some days back and via social media, some people complained that we aren’t independent yet. We still import goods, we depend on other countries, our naira still doesn’t have value and stuffs like that. The issue actually reflected on my thoughts while compiling this piece.


I believe every woman should be a woman of worth. We shouldn’t be treated like a piece of rag by our male counterparts. You are not born a woman, you become one – Simone de Beauvoir.

Every woman, rich or poor, should know she has value and importance. Have you taken time to listen to Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t your momma”? Her lyrics portrays the value and strength of every woman . She expressed the fact that no one should boss us around when we ain’t their momma. I think some of us most have seen the movie,30days in Atlanta, at some point  those Nigerian guys saw a woman paying for he husband’s meal and they were complaining that it shouldn’t be so because the woman might start feeling superior. I call that the African ‘Men’tality.

In my opinion, women shouldn’t always depend on the man for everything.  They should always support though but we shouldn’t always wait for them before we make every step in our lives.

The issue of Gender-Inequality as eaten deep into our senses. Liberal Feminism says “All human are seen as equal and they are essentially rational, self interest seeking agents.

Rationality is a mental capacity of which men and women have same capacity and that is what makes us equal. Some women have achieved less because they are being deprived of opportunities granted to men like education, work experience etc. I believe if there’s no discrimination and downgrading, men and women could actualize their potential to maximum degree. The system of Patriarchy- which is the men’s control of women’s work and reproduction, has really played a role in diminishing the value of women in Africa. I’ve seen cases where a working class women gets married and then her husband tells her to stop working believing if she joins to bring food on the table, there would be no respect and then she turns to a  full time house wife. Though the man is the head of the family, but is he also the head of our mind and thoughts?

We are women, it’s not all about lipstick, hairdos and latest wears but it’s about the Divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in your qualities of your capacity, spirituality, delicacy, radiance, sensitivity creativity, charm, gentleness, dignity, confidence and STRENGTH.

That’s our inner beauty. Not strength to fight but strength to become what we want and live our dreams. So African women, Nigerian women, wake up! If something is holding you down, let it know that you are a woman, not just any ordinary female but a strong woman with worth!! Be Independent

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Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.

One thought on “The Feminist- what does it mean?”

  1. The human race is like a computer system with ladies as software. The hardware Is visible but software is more powerful.
    The men can keep fooling himself of his strength while women keep pretending to be weak
    By pretending ,they make men to automatically, unthinkably and foolishly rush to their rescue.
    Men are quick to give a female a lift but reluctant to assist their fellow guys.

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