Exclusive Interview with Mrs Onuoha (exporter of local ingredients)

Exclusive Interview with Mrs Onuoha (exporter of local ingredients)

Ladies,  Here’s some juice I’ve got for you. I came across Mrs Onuoha,a woman who’s into exports. Guess what she exports? Our very own local breadfruit (ukwa),Oha leaves, Egusi, Ogbono, Local Spices(peppersoup, suya, stock cubes),dry fish and to mention but a few. I got a chance with her.


Mrsceonaija: Hello good day ma. I’m Pascal from mrsceonaija. An organization set to inspire, educate career and business ladies.

Mrs O: That’s good. Thanks for having me dear

Mrsceonaija: It’s our pleasure. Can you Introduce your business?
Mrs O: Well, I export our local foods overseas. I traveled to Texas sometime last year, I got to visit an African restaurant run by a Cameroonian. Believe me, I tasted home. We got talking and she said she travels home to get the ingredients. And she travels like twice in a month because of high demand. Then I thought what If there’s someone who sends from home. Lots of Africans, Nigerians precisely over there miss home food. So I started with sending Ukwa, Oha ,Spices and all
Mrsceonaija: What are the biggest challenges in this business? 
Mrs O: It’s mostly the funds you know, traveling home to get all the food stuffs, believe me it doesn’t come cheap. Then transporting the stuffs over there. There are complications at times. For instance, at the airport over there, security checks might be tough on them depending the fact it’s coming from Africa and it is highly packaged. Some airports don’t allow goods like this pass. So I sometimes alternate using the Sea.

Mrsceonaija: what makes your business different? 
Mrs O:*laughs. I don’t know. Maybe the fact on the type of goods I export

Mrsceonaija: Any help needed from the Government? 
Mrs O: well just the economy palava. I pray for our economy. They should please help stabilize the foreign exchange. Also they should please help me with funds and loans because I’m also promoting the African culture and pride

Mrsceonaija: exactly! Thanks a lot ma for your time. God bless your hands. Do well to visit our pages on Twitter,IG and Facebook @mrsceonaija and the blog @www.mrsceonaija.com
Mrs O: no problem. Stay blessed

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.


Picture credit: the Renaissanceng

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