Short Article: Time Management

Short Article: Time Management 

Many people have problems with managing their time with lots of things to handle. I believe there are 2 types of time; Clock and Real. The clock is the 60 minutes, 24 hours that we all know but we live in the real world where the real time takes its full course. View this; 2 hours on a long queue at the filling station or a boring lecturer’s class doesn’t seem like the 2 hours at the pool or the pub. I have 3 tips which I think might help in managing your precious time.


1. Schedule: This is important. It is a planned, organized set of activities to be carried out at respective times. Prioritize, batch similar task together to avoid too much work. Have a time limit for each task and be sure to follow. An hour late can spoil the whole day. Remember to schedule time for interruptions, chit-chat and messages.

2. Be an Early Bird: Punctuality is the soul of business. Be early to bed, early to rise, early to get all tasks done and early to meet all your deadlines activities. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to schedule your schedule .
3. Focus: Jack of all things; master of none. To avoid distractions, close all tasks when it is time to focus on the present one. You can always catch up on the others at the appropriate time. Procrastination is a major culprit of bad time management. Try to also avoid procrastination. Stop postponing for no reason!

  1. Lastly, DO IT. Planning without action is useless. Break down big tasks into simple steps and execute them.

Have a fulfilling blessed new month ahead.

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.

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