Short article: Are you a strong woman?

Short article: Are you a strong woman?

Strong people live their lives in the pursuit of the present ignoring the fears of the past and future.

My definition of strong here means– having, knowing and believing your stands and rules and also maintaining it. Life is like a pot of mixed trials, temptations, difficulties, triumphs and good times; a strong woman should be able to handle life. She paints the best picture of her goals and work towards achieving it. Confidence will make her walk bold; shoulders and head high because she knows her stand, strength and destination.

A great mistake will occur when she begins to listen to what ‘they say’ about her. A strong woman is her own boss and doesn’t care what ‘they say or do’ as far as it doesn’t help her in any way. Once she listens to the world and starts comparing herself, she starts doubting her ability and start finding faults and starts to think people are better than her. She allows herself to be motivated by those who made the right choices and made their lives better. She knows if she sells herself short, people will buy her that way.

Guess one thing a strong woman does well? She constantly walks towards achieving her big goal. She creates her rules because she knows she is original; no other copy and no one can be her. For every dust shoved at her, she shakes it off and moves a step higher.

A strong woman changes those negative thoughts like “they will laugh at me “, “I can’t “, “I’m scared “, “I can’t make it ” to “I can”, “I’m ready “and “I will” because she believes she has no limit.

So beautiful ladies, as every day is a new page, write a new story. Say your prayers, live your own life and on your rules, love yourself, believe and have faith in yourself and be strong.

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista.


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