Short article: How big are your goals?

Short article: How big are your goals?

You can call me Pascal. I’m a guest writer on mrsceonaija.

Everyone wants to make it but it all starts from somewhere. HOW BIG ARE YOUR GOALS?

”I am poor because I come from a poor family” shouldn’t limit you to thinking big.

You might be paralyzed but are you paralyzed in your mind?. Life without a purpose is worse than death- Dr Monroe.

It is just like a pilot travelling without a compass or map. It is fruitless. One must have a goal, not just an ordinary goal but a big goal. There are 2 things involved; Visualizing and Actualizing. One must start as a dreamer (Visualizing).

Dream big; I believe big goals create anxiety, excitement and motivation required to achieve it (Actualizing).

Choose a goal that is internally generated, what we want not what we see.

Remember a work we don’t love is called stress. If you want to be a millionaire think like one; but my people, we know actualizing our goals is not akara but when the going gets tough ,the tough gets going so get ready for lots of work, sacrifices, commitment, dedication and discipline. Perseverance is the key success. So ladies, wake up, dream big, make right choices, live in present, focus on your goal, apply your talents in full and succeed.

What are your life goals? Write them down and go for GOLD!

Have a blissful week people.Goal_Setting.jpg

Picture credit: anmnews, teamgant.

Pascal is a student of Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka, from Imo state. Analyst. Love sports, Models, Act & Fashionista

.amaka volunteer contributor

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