How the Laws of Motion affect your Life, bet you didn’t know this.

How the Laws of Motion affect your Life, bet you didn’t know this.  

I hated physics. I didn’t understand how the molecules, atoms and the pipette affect the price of garri in the market. Nevertheless, I studied it. Thankfully, it makes sense now. A little bit!

There are three laws of motion founded by Isaac Newton back in 1687. These rule the relationship between a body, the forces that act on it and the motion that occurs afterwards.  You may wonder what the laws of motion have to do with your life, your career, and your finances.

Woman-StrongLet me show you.

  1. 1ST LAW: Law of Inertia. Inertial means inaction. The law says that an object either remains at rest/inactive or continues to move at a constant speed, unless acted upon by a net force.Imagine a young undergraduate that has an exam, but remains at inertia. This means, no studying, no classes, no research, no assignments. There is a 99% probability of failure of exams except that student breaks out of inertia and applies a net force of study. Are you in need of a job? are you trying to change your job?; except you break out of inertia, there is a high chance of remaining unemployed. Here are some ways to break out of inertia:
    • First is to constantly seek knowledge in your field- there are so many free courses online: udemy, khanacademy, entrepreneur, forbes, coursera come to mind. Just google.Luck is opportunity + preparation so be 100% ready to take a test and an interview. When last did you read a good book?
    • Volunteer: Find established organizations that need your services and volunteer to help once occasionally. When a full time job comes up, you will be one of the 1st ones to be considered. Volunteering is an opportunity to advertise yourself free of charge.
    • Find a need in our immediate environment and meet it: What needs are in your environment? Can you supply solutions to meet those needs? Part-time tutoring? Trading? Ushering? Supplies? Virtual assistance? School bus chaperon? Waste management? Start, no matter how small.
    • Learn a skill- Get busy with life skills acquisition. What do you love doing? Get to it
    • Get a mentor: Find a mentor who is already doing what you want to do. Reach out to them for mentorship. Remember a mentor is not a babysitter so be clear on expectations. A mentor can also be virtual so cast your wide.
    • Most importantly, SEARCH. Attend job fairs, subscribe to job sites, drop your CVs at companies, pitch and apply on company websites.

If you stand on a spot and do not take a step forward, you will remain on that spot. FOREVER.

Nothing changes until you change it. You will go nowhere until you move. Break that INERTIA in your career, your life and your relationships.

2ND LAW:  The second law states that a body’s rate of change of momentum/motion is proportional to the force causing it. This means the rate at which a change/motion happens is comparative/similar to the force causing it. Force is what causes an object to change its movement. You may be wondering how this affects you.

Naira devaluation comes to mind! Yes, the rate at which the naira devalued seems like a miracle to many. How can you explain a movement from N170= 1$ to over N320 in one year. It is simple. The force behind it is the sharp reduction of our $$ revenue as a country. Since Nigeria’s major source of income is crude oil, the reduction in crude oil prices from all the 120$/barrel range to a simple $42 range also means our revenue as a country reduced. As the revenue reduced significantly, our supply of $$ reduced proportionally whilst the demand remains. Effect of that is massive devaluation.

A lighter example is weight loss. The rate of change of your body weight and muscle build up is proportional to the amount of exercise done, all other things remaining equal. A person that does 100 seat ups a day will have a fitter abs than someone that does 5.  PROPORTIONALLY.

A business that offers better customer service will attract more customers than a business that does not. The magnitude of customers’ retention will be proportional to the service level.

The amount of poverty in Africa is proportional to the amount of value creation or lack of.

3RD LAW: The last says that for every action (force), there is an equal and opposite reaction. Forces are found in pairs. Example is you lie on a bed, your body exerts a force downward and that bed needs to exert an equal force upward or the bed will collapse. Both forces play their roles to maintain the balance. Both forces are equal though opposing. As kids, we all played the tug of war: it is a good example of two teams pulling at opposite ends with equal force. The moment a party’s force outweighs the other, it takes the lead.

tug of war

In practical life, this is what happens with our finances. When you earn income, your expenses pull in one direction whilst the investments and savings pull in another direction. A financially balanced person is able to keep the balance between the two. Like in tug of war, the moment the force applied by expenses outweigh the force of investments & savings, the person goes broke.

Any other ideas on how the laws of motion affect your daily life? Let us know!


Picture credit:getty images,  gumptionmag

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