How to turn your passion into profit!

How to turn your passion into profit!

Passion cannot be hidden. Passion is a strong feeling about something or someone, a strong enthusiasm, the constant desire to do the thing with so much joy even when it is tasking. I’ve always perceived Timi Dakolo as a person passionate about music and The Voice Nigeria show has revealed that he absolutely lives in awe of music. Within weeks, he has laughed, sang, lip synched, cried along, screamed, coached and dramatized his passion. A simple manifestation of what runs deep within his veins. It is even more amazing that he is being paid to do what he loves .

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Now to the crux of why you clicked this link, how can you transform your own passion into profit too? Here are some tips that have proven to work for thousands of people.

  1. Your passion will not make you money automatically! You must realize that you are not the only one with that passion (s). Yes! Timi is not the only music lover out there. Infact, I also love music but I make zero kobo from it.
  2. Your passion must be converted to meet a need: This is the 1st You will only create value from your passion when you are able to meet a need/fill a void better than others. Many are unable to convert their passion to businesses because they have not articulated how they will use their passion to meet a need. Example if you love cooking, the need you will fill is providing sumptuous, hygienic meals to those that are hungry, those that need to grab a meal on the run, and those that do not have time to cook and people that love eating out e.t.c.
  3. Know your target: Once you have identified the need you want to meet, it is crucial you list your target audience. Targeting includes understanding the gender, the age, their purchasing power, their mode of communication, their locations and more. Let’s continue with the example of cooking. Cooking for your family is good but this is not going to bring profit. Instead, who are those that are willing and can afford to pay for your service?  It is important to be targeted so you don’t spread your limited resources
  4. Be your NO 1 Billboard: Interact, interact, and interact. If you are a makeover artiste, people need to take just 1 look at you and know you are one. Walk into the right places with your passion fully displayed on your face! If you are a fitness freak, flaunt your fit body. I recall I once went in to see a dietician and she had a pot belly. I just excused myself smartly! If you are a singer, flood your social media platforms with your singing clips. Attend events and talk about your services, display at exhibitions, volunteer in your groups/social circles. Everyone that knows you must know your passion, must know how good you are and why you are the best one to help with that service when it is needed. Let your friends get a subsidized service whenever they refer you. The most affordable awareness vehicle is word of mouth.
  5. Be the best: People will talk about you if you are really as good as you believe you are. Continually improve your skills. Seek to be the best and give the best customer service EVERYTIME.
  6. Learn how to run a business: Being a great cook doesn’t mean you know how to manage cash, know how to do petty cash records, how to manage your staff, know how to work from home/discipline, know how to distribute your products. Learn about basic business management. Read up online. You can also trade services with experts. Example, you know how to cook but you cannot do your P&L. why not volunteer to cook for that friend that is an accounting guru in exchange for book keeping services?

Let us know which of these tips you will try? Good luck.

Now,  play some music!

2 thoughts on “How to turn your passion into profit!”

  1. Great content Mrs CEO. I wish i can turn my passion into profit overnight…I guess that’s everyone’s dream. But in the case where there is no demand for my passion in my immediate environment, does it necessitate a move to where my passion can be monetized?

    1. Hello….depends…can it be converted online so you don’t have to move? Can you make it a franchise and sell to clients abroad? Can you target expat or foreign nationals that may consume it locally here in nigeria? There are many ways to tackle an issue

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