Top business opportunities in Nollywood- Lights, Camera, Money!

 Top business opportunities in Nollywood- Lights, Camera, Money!

The movie industry has come a long way. From the days of Hubert Adedeji Ogunde to Kola Ogunmola, Moses Olaiya known as Baba Sala and Isho Pepper!  We must always remember all movie legends that set the pace.In the past, many parents discouraged their children from the acting profession and entertainment in general. They preferred professions that paid good salaries consistently and jobs that can be taken seriously. Fast forward to 2016 and the trend is inverse. Thanks to Nollywood

Nolly wood is a huge industry – it is the second largest (volume) movie industry in the world after India’s Bolly wood. (Fortune, June 2015). It is a $3billion industry. This is equivalent to the total GDP of some countries.

This article sheds light on some of the opportunities that exist today in the constantly evolving industry.

  1. Movie production: Simply put, the movie producer is the money man. He is the one that plans the entire project within budget. This includes getting the actors/actresses and all the items needed for the project. The producer mostly seeks to make profit for himself or the investors.
  1. Script writing: This has a huge potential. You don’t need capital but you need ingenuity. Many of the big producers and directors are comfortable with getting scripts from free lance writers. A classic example is the famous October 1st , the 2014 Nigerianpsychological thriller film written by Tunde Babalola but produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan. The movie grossed N60,000,000 in the cinemas and is currently the 3rd highest grossing movie in cinema.tv360nigeria
  1. Actor/Actress: This is an obvious one. You will not earn in the millions like Genevieve , Omotola, Funke Akindele/Jenifa but a new actor/actress can get up to N50,000 for a low production budget movie whilst upcoming acts command up to N200,000 per movie.


  1. Dancer/Choreographer: Can you burst some moves or choreograph? You can make some bucks by creating dance scenes in movies.
  1. Costume designer/wardrobe manager: Do you know how to piece fabrics together or style? You can extend your skills into the movie industry. If you have a boutique, you can rent out a section to actors/actresses/producers.
  1. Make up & hair styling– Every good movie has some form of ‘made up’ scene: an accident scene, old man, poor man, pregnancy and more. If you are a make-up artiste, you can specialize in special effects and penetrate the movie industry. Add hair styling to the menu and you become hot cake.make for
  1. Movie editor: The editor is the one that filters through the endless clips and puts the best shots forward. He/she can also lead sub-titling for indigenous movies.
  1. Movie distribution: This one can be a tough one as one of the key challenges in the industry is distribution. In the past, it was mostly movie rentals. Recently, it is a lot of cinema viewership, online – Netflix, iroko, youtube, terrestrial TVs and Cable Tv stations e.g DSTV. There is the illegal piracy channel too which is a problem for most producers.

Still, this is an opportunity- maybe someone will read this and invent a legal safe distribution idea? Please, let us know.

  1. Song writing/production: A Nolly wood movie is not complete without the grand sound tracks. Can you write good songs that will connect with the audience? Nolly wood calleth
  1. Marketing: Many movies are going to the cinema and need marketing gurus to create awareness for the movies.

Bonus: Investor: You may not have any of the skills above. However, you can make your money work for you. You can fund movie production with a clear ROI plan agreed upfront with the directors. A good example is the movie- Couple of days that premiered in February 2016. It is a partnership by an investor/producer and a 1st time director. Yet, it grossed 19 million in the cinemas making it one of the highest grossing movies in the cinemas in 2016. BELLA NAIJA

There are many other professions and businesses that benefit from the movie industry such as caterers, location/set design, directors, photographers, cinematographers, animators, agents, voice over, stunts men and more.  Which of these are you going to try?



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