All about MESK support program

MESK= MrsCeo’s Entrepreneurs’ Start up kit. mesk logo

Message to participants:

Are you out there and need an internship opportunity? Do you want to start your business but do no have enough funds to achieve this? Do you need a mentor/coach on business and career? Do you need training? MESK program is that support program for women to nudge them one step closer to their dreams. Contact us on copy

Message to corporate sponsors

MESK will empower women through free trainings, internships and skills acquisition. The idea is to show women how to fish instead of handing them fish.  ‘Our goal is to train 500 females in a year, we are so excited because we have some corporate partners already on board that have volunteered to give free trainings. We are calling on more corporate organizations and established businesses to volunteer to train at least 1 female in a year. You can volunteer training in your organization or cash to support the MESK funds.  Remember, there is something in your hand!  Use it to change a life forever today. Mesk program was launched in 2015 mesk launch

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