Simple tips to Excel In Your 30s- my experience

Simple tips to Excel In Your 30s- my experience

It is official! I am no longer that sweet sixteen girl, i am not even 21 and

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‘almost lost it’ when I turned 30! Well, I am now accepting the fact that I am 30+.  I remember the good old days when I wished to grow up quickly! I didn’t like age 15  because I wanted to be a big girl, to date, to leave my parent’s house and more.

  • I remember the struggle to get my 1st perm; it was a tug of war with my folks. Now that I have the ‘freedom’, I have gone back from relaxed hair to natural hair.
  • Oh what joy when I gained weight, it simply meant my hips were filling out. Now that I can afford to eat more pieces of meat, I am on a weight loss journey. Each KG lost is a triumph.
  • I couldn’t wait to make my 1st international trip and see the world. Now, I rush home after international trips. Home is where the heart lies!

As they say, everyone is wiser in retrospect. I am learning to embrace 30+ and make the best use of my ‘prime years’.  I don’t want to look back at 40 with oohs and ahhs so here are some tips I have learnt on the way.

  1. If you haven’t accepted yourself at 30, when will you? As a teenager, I strongly believed, I was too short and wore high heeled shoes a lot to make up for lost height. These days, I simply don’t care. I LOVE ME especially since I have real issues to deal with now- like a bigger waist line. Suddenly, my height is insignificant. So I implore you, ACCEPT YOU.
  2. Health is wealth: When I was younger, I could eat 3 plates of rice. If I try this now, I will literally see calories climbing my shoulder and sliding down the wrong places. As you get into the 30s, you need to do your routine health checks- weight, blood pressure, blood level, sugar level and more. Watch sugar, coffee, alcohol, drugs intake and sleep adequately
  3. Surround yourself with positive energy: At 30, the last thing you need is negative energy. Unlike your 20s, the negative energy is more difficult to shake off. Spend time with people that truly care about you. Not everyone that follows you on social media should be pleased. Identify true friends and build those relationships.
  4. Focus on your strengths and build knowledge; we all have strengths and weaknesses. Try to improve your weaknesses but focus more on your strengths. It is a way to generate credibility and confidence.  A key feature of any living being is growth- so spend time to read up – watch ted talk videos, read up on mrsceonaija, read books! Don’t aim for certificates, go for knowledge.
  5. Don’t stress on small stuff or things outside your control: If something stresses you, ask yourself the question- will this still matter to me 3-5 years from now? If the answer is no, maybe you should not sweat it.
  6. Define what really matters to you. I am sure you agree that by the time you hit your 30s, you may have realized that some things in life are more important than the others. What are those things for you? Is it family? A cause? CSR? Friends? Faith. Lastly, people’s opinions about you shouldn’t be your priority.
  7. Life doesn’t turn out as planned: This is so real and scary. In my 30s, I have lost some friends, some family members have lost their jobs, some children have been orphaned, some have lost money, some have been robbed and more. Life happens – be prepared mentally to face life’s challenges. Know that no challenge is permanent, it will pass.
  8. Retirement is sooner than you think: I recall when my dad attended a retirement course when he turned 40 and I pondered on his rush for it. Now I get it! Infact, you cannot afford to wait till 40 because retirement age is quicker these days.
  9. You are not always right: This can be tough to accept but the reality is you are not the custodian of knowledge. You don’t know everything so you cannot always be right even if you want to be
  10. It is never too late: Start that project today, that exam, that dance class. Time will pass whether you make use of it or not. If you are 30 today, you will be 35 years old in 5 years whether you start that PHD or not. You don’t save time by not using it. Same applies to risk taking! The 30s is the best time to take calculated risk after your 20s. It won’t get better in your 40s! By then, you will be too fixated on children’s school fees and expenses so take your calculated risks now.
  11. You are in charge, but not in control: This can be so tricky. You are the captain of your ship, you chart your course, you set goals, you plan yet you must realize that you are not really in control because life itself is outside your control. Does this mean you should be complacent? NO. Keep pushing but also learn to relax.
  12. It is not what you know, it is how you apply it: Deep! If you read all the books in the world in your 30s but cannot convert your knowledge into impact/value, you would have wasted the prime of your life! Same applies to people. It is not the list of people you know but the number of people that know you.
  13. Happiness and love cannot be bought: People will let you down- they cannot help it so focus on finding inner peace, happiness and spreading love daily.

So what do you think?

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