How to transform from an ‘Ordinary housewife’ to a ‘Smart & Sexy housewife’

How to transform from  an ‘Ordinary housewife’ to a ‘Smart & Sexy housewife’

There are many house-wife misconceptions:

  1. Housewives are stressed and bored. Maybe unhappy gossips.
  2. Men don’t like house-wives. They can be a burden
  3. Men love house-wives; they are easy to ‘LORD over’. E.T.C

Are you a house-wife?  Are you considering becoming one? Here are some tips that will empower you to be that Smart, sexy,’ sought after’, superhero HOUSEWIFE.


  1. Know who you are: A common question housewives get is ‘so what do you do?’ Many housewives are quick to say ‘Nothing’. NOOO! Stop that now.  A good answer is   ‘I am a superb home manager and administrator’. GHEN- GHEN! Say that with a serious medical doctor’s face and your audience will bow. It is not falsehood. That is who you are. You are THE pillar for the home.


  1. Have a schedule: If you had an office or shop, you would plan your time. Being a house wife requires that same level of discipline. Plan to read a book once a month else it will never happen, plan to take some courses, plan to attend some workshops, plan to rest, plan to stay updated on world politics and trends. Don’t become a piece of home furniture.


  1. Invest in your kids: There is so much educative content online, download them for your kids, read to them, take them for extra curricula programs, swim with them, help with their home-work. You have something that working women dream of- TIME. Make it count. Your husband will adore you for this. Every man wants that child with an extra oomph and so do you.


  1. Avoid burn out, RECHARGE. Being a house wife can be draining- all the cooking, cleaning, kids!! Arghhhh. You need time to recharge. Create a spa/salon day. Find time to do things you love too. If you love leadership roles, lead the PTA, lead the estate work out team, lead women groups in church, lead charity causes and organize exhibitions, research topics. You need energy from other activities to recharge. If you can, get someone to come in once a week to do heavy cleaning and watch the kids for a few hours whilst you recharge.


  1. Build a social circle: One of the things you don’t have is a formal office /office colleagues. So create one! Make connections in the children’s school, in the neighborhood, religious houses, workshops and on social media.

If you don’t have a life, you will bore your spouse with meaningless conversation which can be unattractive. When you have a life, you have interesting things to discuss with your spouse.  You won’t call him every 15 mins during work hours to talk about boring stuff.

  1. Dress up: Yes! I know a house wife that admires career women for just 1 thing! The fact that they dress up and look great. Who says you can’t have that too? Take care of your skin- you have the time to do various natural home-made remedies that career women can only dream of. Leave honey on that face when home alone. Look good when you go to the bank, look smart when you go to the children’s school for pick up. Stop rolling out of the bed in your slumber cap for school pick up!! Dress up and smell nice just before your husband comes back from work. Let him look forward to seeing you in your sexy home clothes, not the SAME wrapper on your chest.


  1. Set goals: The mind is designed to have something to aspire. Career women have goals to get promoted at work, to get a pay raise, change jobs, to get a new client. All these get adrenaline pumping. As a house wife, you need this too and more. You should set inspiring goals for yourself. E.g. This year, I will redecorate this house, I will save up n200,000, I will start up a cooperative society, I will organize 12 cocktail parties,  I will lose 10kg, my child will win the literacy prize, I will start my home business, I will grow my home business by 20%, I will organize 5 photoshoots with my friends. Exciting right?


  1. Turn Passion to Money. A big frustration for many housewives is financial incapacity.   Find a way to generate income even at home. Do you love cooking?  Organize home cooking classes! Do you love babies? , do part time home crèche or summer camps in the house, do you love travelling?  Do some buying and selling, write stories about your travel for magazines and blogs.  Do you do children pick up from school for your career friends? Make it formal and get paid for it! It is a service. You didn’t come to Lagos to count bridges.

To recap,(I)  Know who you are, (II) have a schedule, (III) invest in your children, (IV) recharge, (V) dress up, (VI) build a social circle, (VII) set goals,(VIII)  turn passion to money.

So tell us, are you doing any of these already? Any other ideas, any fears?  Share please.  WINK

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  1. Love this. I’m not a housewife. I took a one year break to relocate to Abuja, look after my kids and do an online masters after 9 years in the banking industry. Hopefully after one year, id go back but not to banking. My ultimate wish would be to work part time while the children are still so young, i love being around for them. I find it hard to make friends so I’m concerned about my social circle as i do miss the office setting where I’d normally have colleagues to talk to. Inspired by your blog.

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