Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Learn how to get it! Part 2

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.  Learn how to get it!


Here are some tips to overcome fear:

  1. First, identify your fears: List them out and try to understand the reasons. Analyze why you have these fears. Self-awareness is always a great 1st step to recovery.
  2. Reach out to people that have overcome similar fears. Have you ever wondered why support groups are famous across the world? If you are a recovering addict, it is good to understand from someone who has conquered it already. It will assuage your fears. If you have lost your job, reach out to someone that was able to overcome that situation for counsel.
  3. PRAY: Pray about it. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings so take time to find peace within.
  4. Find your relaxation technique. This varies but find something that can distract and relax you whenever you get fearful. Run! Exercise, Dance, watch TV, spend time with loved ones, go for a lecture, read an article on it, read testimonies.
  5. Read about it and ACT. Information is in excess supply these days so take time to read about your fears and how to overcome it. Journal tips and paste where you can see regularly. Beyond getting knowledge, ACT ON IT. If you are afraid of investments, read about it and take the bold step of investing on a small scale 1st. Draw up an action plan to overcome the fears.


  • I will read 1 investment book monthly
  • I will get an investment mentor
  • I will spread my investment risk. Use ‘I’ to hold yourself accountable.
  1. Define the worst case scenario versus the best case scenario and weigh the risk. Example: worst case scenario is the loss of the marriage! Best case scenario is a happy family, healthy children, wealthy family. When you put the best case scenario next to the worst case scenario, you will mostly see the best case defeats the worst case hands down.
  2. List what you will learn from the experience. Before you act, remember to list out all the things you will learn in the course of the experience and be careful to learn them. Example: I will learn how to interact better, I will become a better public speaker, I will make genuine friends, I will learn how not to lose money again, I will become a better leader, I will learn how to cook healthy meals and more.



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