Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Learn how to get it!

chroniclesofharrietEverything you want is on the other side of fear.  Learn how to get it!

Little children are generally less fearful than adults. The scope of their fear is simpler too. This is why they are quick to touch a burning candle, to insert a stick into an electrical socket, to insert a bead into their nostril and more.  They are more intrigued about the discovery they may make versus the consequence of their action.  This indicates that the absence of fear is our default factory setting. However as we get older, watch ‘CNN’, suffer losses and get injured, we get more paranoid and tend to be afraid of almost everything.

In reality, fear is not always the presence of danger! It is the feeling of ‘potential’ danger. You cannot see fear, you cannot touch it. You cannot smell it. Rather, fear comes from within.

There are several fear factors. Some fear the dark, height, commitment, investments, risk taking, public speaking, failure, success, marriage, stagnation, sickness, loss of loved ones. The list is endless and I am certain you can relate with at least one fear factor.

To be successful at work, investments and at home and in life, there are some fears you must overcome:

  1. Fear of criticism: Many don’t want to be criticized by their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Yes! You must love your family but this doesn’t mean they will agree with all your actions.
  2. Fear of offending others: If you live your life to please others, you will not live. It is really that simple. Everyone’s race is different
  3. Fear of looking foolish: Some years ago, we had a corporate event. My aim was to have fun so I didn’t prepare mentally for work discussions.  Unfortunately, some of us were randomly called upstage for a corporate quiz. I missed some simple questions and was so embarrassed. I felt like everyone was talking about it even after the quiz ended. I felt like sneaking away from the event! But I didn’t. I waited it out and was back to having fun within some hours. Yes, a few mean people joked about it but so what?
  4. Fear of Poverty: This one is quite common. I have seen too many people afraid of making any form of investment because of fear. Remember the parable of the servant and talent in the bible? Matthew 25: 25 ‘And I was afraid, and went away and hid your talent in the ground!’. Fear paralyses good judgement and leads to poverty.
  5. Fear of disappointing others: Are you studying a particular course because that is what your parents want? What is your passion? Can you explain to your parents to get their support? Can you let them know how miserable you are on the forced path? Can you get their mentors to talk to them?
  6. Fear of being mocked/laughed at: To be successful, you must first fail. I strongly believe that if you’ve never failed before, it simply means you haven’t tried anything daring. I am not advocating constant failures and losses, I am asking you to STRETCH yourself and be willing to move on with learnings if you fail. It is ok.  Take calculated risks.

TO BE CONTINUED.. please, drop your comments, questions and thoughts! What are your fears?

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