Open Letter to Access Bank cc Kanye West. # Provokedtowrite.

Open Letter to Access Bank cc Kanye West.  # Provokedtowrite.

This is my first open letter. As the title depicts, it is borne out of anger to succeed, anger to see Nigeria better and Anger to see Africa rise.

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I stumbled on a tweet from access bank to Kanye West requesting for Kanye to contact Access bank for potential support of his ideas.



Dear Access bank,   I’ll love to believe your intention is to show to Kanye that Africa doesn’t rely only on support from America. That we are actually blessed with amazing weather, arable land, 1.1 billion human beings and some amazing culture. The only curse we’ve had is  corrupt leadership.

Yes, I know it is a global world and there is no harm in helping Kanye but Kanye is already an Olajumoke. Please, consider these options within Nigeria first.  There is a popular adage that says you should remove the stick in your eye before you help others. Naira to $ is almost N400.  All hands should come on deck to help. 

Whilst i know no one is the sole reason for our current condition, i’ll crave your help/investments as below:

  1. SMES need help. I recently concluded a thesis work which shows SMEs in Nigeria have only 5 hours of electricity per day. Guess what they need electricity for? The very basic things: To power their machines, To connect wi-fi and to provide good work environment. In 2016!, when people like Mark Zuckerberg are already investing in robot butlers! I’ve always pondered on why it was ‘white’ that colonized ‘black’. Yes, we can’t change that but can we at least move forward?  I know you are doing some work for SMEs already but a lot more is needed. Please,  consider partnering with major solar energy providers to provide affordable monthly payment of solar energy for SMEs. Today, is it tough for SMEs to make profit after paying 24% bank interest rate , spending minimum n50,000 on petrol per month and suffering losses due to lack of proper preservation of their raw materials.   it is only in Naija that agbalumo goes out of season simply because we can’t preserve.
  1. Education sector needs help: Anytime I hear students across Nigerian universities argue that their own school is the best, I cringe. I got my 1st degree from a private university, did my MBA with ‘the best’ government university where we sat on floors during lectures and reviewed handouts from 1982. I have also just completed my MSC with a foreign university. I know which was the best!  Again Mark Zuckerberg started coding at the age of 10, some of our computer graduates have never touched a computer before. Can we explore investments in massive coding centers for children? Can we support our engineering graduates  to invent? We need to invest in technology and science. The richest man in the world is in this sector. Oh thou Bill Gates, I hail o.
  2. Invest in disability: If anyone has a disability in Nigeria, it is almost equal to a death sentence. Aside from a very few special people like Cobhams Asuquo who have decided to see ‘sight’ as a distraction, many others are destined to a life of begging and special centers. Yes, it is good to donate rice and cartons of noodles to these children, but they need MORE. They need a proper center where they can learn, where they can express and compete with global peers. They need apps that can read their unspoken ideas. They need prosthetic limbs to outrun Usain Bolt. If all Stephen hawking got was rice, he wouldn’t have become a renowned physicist, author, husband, and father! Just because someone has a special need doesn’t mean they are born to make candles.  Many families have fled to Canada to give their special children a chance.


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4. Invest in manufacturing: As you are all aware, Naira don become paper. This is simply because the demand for dollars exceeds the supply of dollars. The excessive demand is because our economy depends on importation yet we are too complacent to generate dollars for this importation. Crude oil don turn zobo now!  We are one of the few countries proud of imported toothpicks, imported fishes, imported rice, and imported wheel barrows. And yes, we need imported nails to build our houses. Thank Goodness, we will start manufacturing pencils in 2018. Please, can we have easier and cheaper access to capital for manufacturing, food processing and more? 

5. Lagos traffic will get worse! We don’t need a prophet to tell us this. World population trends show that Nigeria will get to one of the most populated countries in the world by 2050 with over 400 million people. If people keep rushing to Lagos from the villages, we expect Lagos to have more than 30million people. See traffic o… Imagine the queues at BRT lanes, imagine the strain on health and imagine the unproductivity.  Eish. It is time to invest in infrastructure,  in road network, sophisticated transportation, real estate and the rural development. We need to stop celebrating mediocrity and unnecessary press conferences for things that should have been done 30 years ago.

6. Health sector: If you don’t want to see the other side of life, pray not to fall sick in Nigeria. Has any-one seen the queues at LUTH? It is the only place you need ‘connection’ to see a specialist.  Do you know how much is being exported to India daily for kidney, cancer, heart surgeries? Do you know how much is being exported to USA daily for baby birthing? Do you know how many prayer points are being raised daily at churches for healing?  How many potential inventors are in the grave in Nigeria?

This letter is not just to Access bank, it is to everyone out there- churches, mosques, organizations, ‘rich bloggers’ and rich individuals. You can do something. No one is the custodian of Nigeria’s woes. Please, stop blaming Buhari and Ambode for ‘everything’.

Tara Fela Durotoye already created the make-up/beauty industry; ‘everybody’ should stop learning how to make up already. By the time, you learn how to draw the perfect eye-brow, the world has moved on to automated eye lashes. For every Kim Kardashian you follow on instagram, please follow a Robert Kiyosaki.

Be provoked to succeed.  # Provokedtowrite.

Okay! I need to stop at this point else this can become a TV series- Endless.

PS- Kanye West, I wish you success.

Tolu Adedeji is business, management and marketing leader with 12 year experience with a Multinational FMCG. She also runs which has impacted more than 600 females in Nigeria directly. She is extremely passionate about the development of Nigeria and the Girl child. And yes, we need support.


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