Shhhhh! 8 words people mostly mispronounce in Naija. Check if you are guilty!

Shhhhh! 8 words people mostly mispronounce in Naija. Check if you are guilty!  

This is a topic close to the heart of many. Many just can’t seem to get the right words out when they need them with confidence. This is also true in the corporate world. These words are mostly mispronounced and it is time to correct ourselves. English is not our language but let us try to get it right…

puzzled look

  1. Labtop instead of Laptop: For you to remember, always remember you can place your laptop on your lap! So this is a simple cue to remember laptop.
  1. Traffic not Trakfic: Every business woman knows Lagos traffic isn’t for children. It is traffic not Trakfic. You don’t want to tell your business associates you are late because of Trakfic. No way! Traffic
  1. Supposedly not Supposably. This one can be funny. It is supposedly which means theoretically or hypothetically.
  1. Ask not Aks: This has to be the most common one. We are not sure why people like to put the k before the s but please stop it. It is ASK not AKS or AXE!!!
  1. Affidavit NOT affidavid. An affidavit is an official declaration or sworn statement to attest to the originality of an item or person e.t.c. However, some people have made it spiritual by bringing in David instead of Davit. Please, let’s correct ourselves. It is Affidavit not Affidavid. Leave David out of this.

6. Pizza: This one is for the posh ladies and can be tricky. Pizza is pronounced Peetza not Pizza or Pizzer or Peezer…. So let us be posh all the way!

  1. Asterisk is pronounced ass-ter-isk not ass- ter- ricks!!! Drop the s please.
  1. It is a blessing in disguise not blessing in the skies. We mostly get carried away when we speak right? Before you know it, we are saying blessing in the skies! ‘Oya’ stop it! May your blessings not be in the skies!!!

So which ones are you guilty of? Which other ones are common? Please share so we all learn. No shame in learning….



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