When Opportunity meets readiness- TY Bello, Tinie Tempah and the Stunning Agege bread seller.

When Opportunity meets readiness- TY Bello, Tinie Tempah and the Stunning Agege bread seller.

Some of us may have seen this picture. It is an Agege bread seller that got the spotlight mistakenly when TY Bello photographed International act- Tinie Tempah.

agege seller

It is a classic case of opportunity meets readiness.

What i see:

  1. She is herself: She isn’t pretending to be someone else. She is comfortable in her own skin. Simple as ABC right.
  2. She is a master of her own trade: She is super balanced with the tray on her head. Almost like- ‘I’ve got this! No one can do this better than i do!’ Imagine if the tray was falling off her head when this shot was taken? It would probably not have made it to the web. Whatever you do, please be good at it. Extremely good infact.
  3. She is proud of her trade. This one is so humbling. It reminds me of the good old days when every job/profession was respectable, when people were respected for who they are and not the positions they occupy. She reminds us all to take pride in our jobs. Every single person plays an important role no matter what their job is. Every honest way of income is respectable. Who are you without your titles and accolades?
  4. Her confidence is not dependent on any labels- She isn’t wearing designer/designer but her glow is contagious. She is wearing ‘rubber slippers’ like Gucci. Her confidence is totally fleek squared.

Are you a job seeker? If you are called to take a job test this moment, will you pass it? or do you need another 1 hour of revision? If you are called for an audition today, will you be shortlisted? If you are invited to pitch for business, will you know how to?

Are you out there seeking for opportunities?  The more important question is are you ready? If you were to stumble upon your destiny helper, do you have a 2 minutes elevator speech ready?

Are you yourself? Are you good at what you do? Are you proud of yourself? Are you confident?

Please, let us know your thoughts on this! Cheers.

Picture credit: TY BELLO.

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