4 Life lessons from my Hair-Cut.

4 Life lessons from my Hair-Cut.

Who writes about a hair-cut! Who cares! Well, for the female readers, I’m sure you agree that a hair-cut is a big deal. All the years of grooming, treating, conditioning, styling all gone! In one snip, snip, snip!


As a teenager, I had really long hair. I recall people used to ask me ‘ is that your hair? ’. Fast forward 2014, my lovely hair grew split ends, was breaking and I realized I had to change from constant retouching and over-braiding to give my hair a little more ‘TLC’.

With this renewed mindset, I took better care of my hair and it became healthier over the 2 years, i also transitioned to ‘natural hair’ Fast-forward to January 2016; i decided to take the final step with the big chop. I was nervous, scared and paranoid. Infact, I thought I was going to look like a ripe pumpkin since I have a pretty round face. Nevertheless, i was ready for the consequences- either good or bad. This is the mindset to have when making a change. Be ready.

Luckily, I cut my hair and I like it. It’s not bad at all. More importantly, i learnt some lessons along the way.

  1. Life involves embracing change. Several times, we are accustomed to certain things, certain friends, a job, a neighborhood, a specific house. It becomes our comfort zone and you don’t want to budge. Today, January 31st , i challenge you to examine your life and list the areas that need to change. How do you know these areas need change? When you know deep down that your potential is MUCH MUCH MUCH more than your reality!
  1. Once you make a decision to change something, don’t regret. I accepted that cutting my hair is quite an irreversible action. I was prepared mentally to look like a pumpkin and to glow as one. Sometimes, we decide to change a job and realize the grass is not as green as we thought. What do you do? Do you wallow in self-pity and regret? Or do you pick yourself and move forward?  When you decide to leave a group of bad friends, do you miss their cool factor? Or do you keep your eyes on achieving purpose? ‘Stop crying over milk wey don pour finish…’
  1. When you make a change, take it as a learning opportunity. With the low hair- cut, I’m learning how to style short hair, how to dress to match the hair style and more. When you make a change, use the chance to learn about that new experience. Are you in a new location? Learn a language! Are you in a new relationship? Learn about that culture and tribe! Do you have a new boss? Learn his/her skills! There is always something to learn when there is a change. Is the economy depressing? Learn how to generate extra income.
  1. Lastly, Enjoy the moment. Since I did the big chop, I am seizing the moment like there is no tomorrow. I swim a lot more since I don’t have to worry about wet hair! There is always a bright side to every change even if its uncomfortable. Are you stuck in traffic every day from work? Read a book! Are you deployed to a remote area for your NYSC? Use the idle time to study for professional exams, coach some students and make life long friends.


Remember, life is all about change, embrace it with no regrets, keep learning and seize the moment.

So tell us, what changes are due in your life? What changes have paid off for you? Why are you not making the necessary change?  You never can tell whose life will be changed by your comments.

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