Do you know who you are?

Do you know who you are?

1st of all- let me introduce myself.

Tolu Adedeji stands for only one thing- EXCELLENCE. It sounds cliche but it is true. My favorite quote is Impossible is nothing. I believe in living, not existing.

My heart beats for Africa, for Empowerment, for Value creation, for creating business empires, creating brands that outlive generations and Transforming people from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

From a professional perspective, you can call me the business, brand, marketing, management champion. Yet, i continue to learn and grow daily. Life without challenges & growth is worthless.

I am a bundle of oxymora. I love structures and system yet so erratically creative. Love success but can tolerate victorious failures, patient with people development but intolerant of mediocrity. Passionate about dance yet seek sanity! Love Nigeria but hate the current state of corruption and indiscipline. We MUST fix this.

I believe the human mind is the biggest asset of any man/woman. It is the architect of change or lack of it! How else did Mandela conceive a country devoid of apartheid? How did the Wright brothers imagine flight on an aeroplane? How did the Super eagles win the Olympics 1996? Incredible! all the mind!

Family is King. This is the only place you can never be replaced. Never forget this. The question is – Who is your family?

Like Martin Luther King Jr, i also have a dream! A dream that man will become more selfless and create a world at peace with itself  like God designed it, that Nigeria will emerge a global economic leader, that women will take their place in leadership roles, that homes will be full of love, that the youth will truly realize they own their destiny and they should take it! That the interest of the masses will consistently rule, that religion translates to love and harmony.

Take the challenge- who are you? Who are you without your titles, certificates and accolades? What are your values, your strengths, your weaknesses, your passion, your beliefs? Your faith? Your Purpose?

Are you constantly comparing your path with others? Don’t lose yourself on this journey. Define you. Be you. Be the best version of yourself. Soar! And don’t forget to exhale.

We’ll love to read about you too! Do Share. happt

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