Dress For Success, No Matter Who You Are.




There are many memorable quotes on dressing. A famous Nigerian one is ‘the way you are dressed determines the way you will be addressed’.  This applies to everyone- students, graduates, job candidates, full time mums, employers, employees, entrepreneurs. Mention it!


Whilst dressing probably not the 1st criteria for success, it definitely goes a long way in creating the right perception about you, your brand or service. Here are a few tips to guide.

  1. Dress For Your Body Type. This is a big one for me. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it suits you best. Research your body type and understand what brings out the best in you. What suits an hour glass may not suit a pear shaped lady. Dress to your strengths. This doesn’t mean you are boring. Get creative!body type
  2. Dress the part. The more client-oriented your…

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