Holiday over! Learn how to fall in love with your job again.

Holiday over! Learn how to fall in love with your job again.

It has been a wonderful holiday period celebrating both Christmas and the New year You’ve spent loving time with family and friends! Maybe you’ve even given yourself a treat at the spa, salon, parties & spiritual retreats.  The electrifying list is endless.

Suddenly, you realize work starts next week and your mood does the MJ moonwalk! You are anxious and reluctant. Does that sound familiar?soul

This is for you.

You need to realize that you need to love your job or at least learn to be happy whilst at it for 2 reasons:

  1. You spend more than 60% of your conscious time either at work on the way to/fro your office. In Lagos, it’s even 70% given the traffic. Imagine living 70% of your life in misery. Shame.
  1. You are cheating yourself. You know why? The company is a structure of buildings and a P&L at the end of the day. The company is not 1 person hence doesn’t even have the capacity to hate you back. Imagine! At the end of the day, you are the one who suffers.  Yes, you may not give your best to the company and that can affect company sales but that is a pimple in comparison with your life that is being wasted.

Ok! You get it. You need to stop hating your job now.  Let’s show you a few tricks to help:

  1. Decide to stop hating your job. Simple to write, hard to do but not impossible. Just decide. I’ve worked in the corporate world for 12 years so please trust me. YOU are in charge of your emotions and attitude to life. Life can be worse!
  1. Identify what is the real reason you hate your job: Is it because the pay is small? or you have a mean boss, because it is too far from your house? You find it demeaning? Your children are lonely? Identify the real issue.
  1. Once you know the issue, research a solution and take control of it. Examples:
  • If the pay is little, think of a plan to amplify the income. Example, you earn n25,000. Yes, it is not enough to solve your life’s issues but do you realize you can save towards a bigger income spinner? I know a nanny who saved towards ‘okada purchase’. Within 9 months of her career, she bought 1 okada  that generated extra cash for her.  She was one of the best nannies i worked with. Just because you have a bigger goal doesn’t mean you should dislike the present. Life is a journey not a sprint.
  • If the office is too far to your home, team up with colleagues to rent a closer apartment. It will be more expensive but if you share the cost with other colleagues, the cost per person becomes affordable. Even if you are married, you can use this approach and go to the family home once or twice a week. This can be a temporary solution till you can afford to move the whole family near the office or get another job.
  1. Spend time with people that have positive energy. In every office, there is always someone that is positive and jovial. Cultivate a good professional relationship with this person. Tap into their positive energy. There is also always that person that never has a good thing to say about the company, FLEE from him/her.elegant black woman 4
  1. Apply your passion: Find a pet project at work. Example you may be the accountant but you also love events/parties, volunteer to be the ‘social captain’. Take note of your colleagues’ birthdays and organize small office surprises for them . Find a way to apply your passion/hobby at work to generate positive memories. If you love associations, champion a women’s network. Start a book reading club, start an after-work Friday fitness club. There must be ONE good thing in that environment.

If all fails, keep improving your skills so you are ready to take another job once the opportunity comes up. It is your life.

Do you find any of these useful? Any comments? Questions? Let us know please.

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