My Nigeria Go Beta Contest- Nigerians have spoken! Happy Independence!!

My Nigeria Go Beta Contest- what you said!

First, mrsceonaija says a very big thank you for contributing, liking, sharing in the MY NIGERIA GO BETA CONTEST! The ideas you gave on how to improve Nigeria are totally brilliant and shows there is hope for Nigeria. YOU are the one that will make Nigeria greater. Don’t forget this. YOU! YOU! YES, YOU!

It was very difficult to pick winners but we had to.  We picked winners across the most common themes and some additional unique ideas. The winners are:

  1. Ubesie believes we need to tackle the issue of brain drain in Nigeria. We paraphrased this as ‘We are losing our people to other countries, if everyone leaves, who will fix Nigeria’?
  2. Bolanle A. says ‘Nigeria can be improved in the area of education, all the technical schools that have for so many years neglected, should be reinstated. It is a fact that no country can develop without technical education’
  3. Nenyen ‘Nigeria will be better if arms are surrendered so we can embrace each other in peace and harmony’
  4. Ann- Nigeria will improve if the Federal Government creates more Jobs. Provision of employment for the youths : I advise the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide jobs for unemployed Nigeria youths as this will help to decrease violence, prostitution and crime rate in the country’
  5. Yomi Nigeria can only improve by killing just ONE disease among our leaders. And the disease is ‘CORRUPTION’
  6. Kingsley O. Nigeria can be better if the Federal government give women better chances at handling government appointments instead of just relegating our mothers to being only wives of government officials
  7. Bidex- Nigeria’s economy can improve when government rules and policies attract foreigner and local Electricity is the first thing the government should completely hand over to private company, which could be more resourceful and accountable
  8. Emeka- Nigeria is trapped in a vicious cycle of corruption & poverty. Corruption in this country has become so systemic and a part of us that sometimes i feel that by merely breathing the air in this country, newborn kids imbibe the evil. If u can deal a big blow to any one of the two ills, then we are on the highway to Paradise

We got many ideas which we summarized in below image. Thanks to EVERYONE, EVERYONE is important and valued. CHEERS EVERYONE, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! IT;S ANOTHER LOVELY OCT 1ST. mrsceo wordle

LOVE MY MOTHERLAND. Enjoy the old school music 

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