I know someone who sells N65,000 of Popcorn weekly! Learn how to start your popcorn business now!

I know someone who sells N65,000 of Popcorn weekly! Learn how to start your popcorn business now!

There is a big supermarket in my neighborhood. This supermarket is always bustling with lots of people trooping in and out. However, that is not the core of my article. The focus is on the smart woman that sells popcorn in front of this store. Recently, my curiosity took over so I asked her to enlighten me about her business because she seems so committed and passionate about it.  Breaking news! She sells about N65,000 worth of popcorn a week! At first it seemed unbelievable but it did after doing the the maths:

100Naira per pack * 7 days a week * 93 people per day= N65,000.  SIMPLE as do-re-mi

I didn’t stop there; I decided to research about popcorn business and to share this idea with you all. If only one person acts upon it, it is mission accomplished.

  1. Who can start the popcorn business? Anyone can. Anyone who is interested committed and wants to earn income. Even if you are a graduate, you can do it with style and pride.
  1. How much do you need to start the business: First, you need to determine if you want to start on a commercial scale or on a retail scale.
  • The commercial scale involves making it in large quantity, sealing it and selling to people who will in turn sell to consumers. Examples hawkers, supermarkets, hotels and so on. For a commercial scale, you will need a larger machine, a sealing machine and some form of labels/branding… Also, you will need a bit more space.
  • The retail scale is when you sell directly to people that will consume it just like this woman near the supermarket does.

As with any new venture, I recommend you to start on a retail scale so this article will focus on the retail scale. To start the retail scale, you need a few items:

  1. A popcorn machine: With about N25, 000- N40,000, you can get a popcorn machine.popcorn-machine-classic-pop-16oz-popper-paragon
  2. No need for sealing machine; Since you are popping the corn fresh and selling on the spot, you don’t need a sealing machine. Instead, you can get nice see through nylon bags to pack the popcorn. In case you want to seal, you can get a sealing machine for N10,000- N15,000.
  3. Power source; Many of the popcorn machines work with electricity and some with gas cylinders. You should consider this when purchasing.
  4. Identify how to sell: The beauty of the popcorn business is to find a sweet place with lots of human traffic so you generate a high turn-over, Examples are Restaurants, Secondary Schools, Near University campuses, In Churches/mosques/religious houses, cinemas, malls, in supermarkets e.t.c. This is the MOST CRUCIAL factor for this start up. The business thrives on turnover.
  5. Do you need training? ; As with any business, you need to learn first. However, I can guarantee you that a few days with someone in the business will empower you greatly. Also, research online! There are many videos on YouTube that teach how to pop corn and more! Just google it. Also, make sure you sell with a friendly smile to your customers, give customer service. Sell with style.
  6. What is profit like? When I talked to the woman that sells in my neighborhood, she says there are 3 main ingredients needed- the corn, butter, sugar and salt. I also confirmed this with my research. A bag of corn gives about N 65,000 naira sales. In addition to corn, you will need to buy butter, sugar/salt, pay for space and electricity. From the rough calculation, the cost for one pack comes to about N35-N45 naira whilst you can sell for about N100 depending on location.

If you can sell N65,000 a week, that is about N30,000 profit per week. In a month, that is easily N100,000+.  Who says you can’t smile to the bank selling popcorn?

It is not enough to read this, please read again , research more, act on it and most importantly share, comment!

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