The rule of five

The rule of five


I had heard about the rule of five or rather the rule of five is one of John Maxwell’s classic advice. He says that if a man wants to cut down a huge tree in his house, he simple has to take an axe and hit five times at the tree everyday until it falls. This basically means that whatever your goal is if you have to find your rule of five and execute it daily, one day you would be successful. According to Jack Canfield in his article  “creating miracles with the rule of five” (if you do not know Jack Canfield the author of the Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be”, and also the author of chicken soup for the soul series, you had better search for him online and read his books, he talked about a lady Andrea Fisher who after a terrible accident she was left comatose and without the use of her legs and her arms. When she came out of coma three months later, her husband immediately asked for a divorce. Even though Andrea knew that she was never going to use her hands and her legs, Andrea had a goal to walk out of the hospital by herself and she started working on her goal. She consumed papers on holistic foods, that she was eating while in the hospital bed, she got regular massages and chiropractic adjustments, even though she couldn’t feel anything she knew it was good for her body. She spent time praying and meditating, expressing her gratitude for each breath she took, basically the good things in her life. She worked on her feelings expelling anger, fear, frustration, and every self-defeating emotion. She imagined herself doing things like lifting weights, riding bikes, walking etc. Within a year Andrea was off the respirator, within three years she stood up close to her bed, and within seven years she walked out of the hospital on her own. Specialists around the world studied her case and they concluded that her walking again was a miracle.

Whatever it is; we need to have our rule of five to accomplish our goals. If its about weight loss then we should write down the rules, maybe exercise for thirty minutes everyday, eating veggies everyday etc, rules that we would make sure we do everyday.

An example of my rule of five:

  1. Write for 30 minutes or more everyday
  2. Research more about writing and self publishing
  3. Be active on social media advertising myself as a writer
  4. Read books by authors who are in my field
  5. Join writers group and be active, learning constantly from their works

“The cumulative effect of these daily steps can be profound. Small action steps are manageable, and achieving them daily keeps you motivated and your momentum strong”. Jack Canfield

Like everything practice makes perfect. So whatever it is you want to achieve, break it down into the rule of five be it the ideal weight, having a baby, becoming a manager at work, owning your own fashion label. Note whatever it is, anything you give time would give you time.

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