images (6) It is another business year, new targets, new deadlines and the clock starts ticking again.  You are energized and re-engaged. However, the reality is that it is merely another new date, a calendar change and nothing really changes except YOU change it. Here are my top success tips as you take on a new year in your career. I express them with renowned parables! After all, I am ‘African’.

1: Deliver visible business & organizational results.

Simply put, deliver undeniable & visible business/organization results. Ask yourself, what is my unique contribution to the business & organization?  If you can’t answer that in 3 seconds, know you are busy with activities, scorecards and checklists.. Don’t focus ONLY on perception.  Let your business results drive your perception with your stakeholders and not vice versa.

Proverb: A roaring lion kills no game. Meaning, you cannot achieve anything by mere sitting around or just talking about it.

 2: Be knowledgeable and communicate your knowledge.   You will only deliver results when you understand the business fundamentals. Be obsessed with understanding your consumer, customer, business and process drivers. No one should know your work more than you do. Knowledge is the bedrock of results, confidence and leadership. Be Proud of what you know and share it in writing, speaking and engaging the right people.

Proverb: Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases

3: Lead and break all barriers. Barriers are there for a reason-  To be broken! ‘Act one level up’. What will you do if you were your manager? Do it! Break hierarchy. Lead, Lead, Lead! The business will always oscillate. There will be ups and downs. It is perfectly normal. If it wasn’t so, the theory of product life cycle wouldn’t exist. If the business could run itself, we won’t be here. Be on fire, let everyone around you catch the fire, be ready to blaze through barriers to deliver business growth.

Proverb: A scared dog barks to pretend to its master but a brave dog bites to protect him.

4:  Be both the problems transmitter and the solutions’ bearer.

There will always be problems. Guess what? You were not hired only to flag problems or to shy away from them. Neither can you always solve everything by yourself.  Analyze situations, highlight the risks, proffer potential solutions with the pros and cons. Enable the company make the right decisions.

Proverb: Worry often gives a little thing a big shadow

5: Partner internally and be aware of the external to win externally. The purpose of team work or collaboration is to deliver results. Create magic together as a team. Invest in relationships at work with your managers, team members, stakeholders. At the same time, understand external trends- macro-economics, consumer and landscape dynamics so you can win externally.  Unhealthy Internal competition leads to group failure.

Proverb:  A knife cannot be so sharp as to carve its handle.

Whilst at it, remember No one truly lives without embracing failures.  Embrace life. Move on from failures, Learn & Grow, Live 100%. Life is not so hard! Have fun at work.  Proverb: If a child falls, he/she looks forward; if an elder falls he/she looks back then looks forward.

Success is living 100% for what you believe you are made for….

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