3 Reasons You Must Have An Online Presence

3 Reasons You Must Have An Online Presencedo-i-need-an-online-presence

Like everything that has been invented under the sun it has it’s positive side and it’s negative side to it.  Today I would focus on the positive side of the Internet. Since the invention of the Internet we have seen it’s growth and it’s power. This is why as a small business owner or a sole entrepreneur one can’t over look this factor. It’s a given, if you conduct business or even or build a very reputable corporate career one has to have an online presence. There are a lot of social media tools out there from Pinterest to Facebook to Google plus, it can be overwhelming, cumbersome, and time wasting sometimes, because trust me, when you get hooked there is no going back. You don’t have to have an account with every thing called social media but there are few you should have and operate on a regular basis

  1. Website: every company needs to have a good functional website. It must be user friendly and it should be a website that is very informative, stating the products and services that you offer. Let the information be simple to read and very entertaining at the same time. For a lot of the big corporate companies they have started introducing live chats, which is very helpful as well, but not a cause for concern right now. Just make sure that you have a very comprehensive list of the services and products you offer on your site, and a functional contact address.
  2. Helps build your brand: for every business, I would advice you have a Facebook and a Twitter page. What these platforms do is that they help you keep in touch with your clients on a more personal note. I have made a lot of business contacts and friends through my Facebook and twitter page. Some times social media tools can be a distraction, like I said earlier but you have to be able to draw the line between distraction and work. And the best part is that these social media tools are free.
  3. I love the way Jane William of demand media explained how social can help one’s business be accessibly all over the world in her article.  She says that: “The Internet never sleeps, and every portal you offer online gives your business a virtual 24-hour showroom. This allows potential customers to research your product or service after business hours, and in the privacy of their own home. If you sell products, an online store allows for 24-hour order placement to capture a sale as soon as a customer is interested, as opposed to waiting for your brick-and-mortar store to open, by which time the urge to buy may have passed”.

This just explains everything. Can you imagine how exciting it would be waking up in the morning and seeing a few hundred or thousand bucks in your account, this is the classic making money in your sleep. The Internet gives you the opportunity to do that. It is through the internet and amazon.com that authors like Amanda Hocking, was able to sell  her books world wide and earn over a million dollars from the sales of her eBooks which resulted in signing a two million dollars contract deal with St. Martin’s Press. It is through the Internet that people like Ali Brown have been able to grow their business from home. We mustn’t ignore the power of the Internet. Its like a fairy tale world when you open it enormous opportunities jump out at you For those who work make sure you have a linkedin account, it’s a great tool to connect with like minds, change careers and staying on top in your field.

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