Wholesalers & retailers wanted for quality human hair brand! NO CAPITAL NEEDED!

Wholesalers & retailers wanted for quality human hair brand! NO CAPITAL NEEDED!HAIRFAITRESS

Have you wondered what business you can start in 2015 with no capital? Do you have great interpersonal skills? Are you a great sales woman? Do you have avenues to sell? Do you have a lot of friends/colleagues that you can sell to? Are you passionate about selling a quality human hair brand- Faitress hair?

Faitress hair is looking for freelance sales people who are fantastic at selling!

No capital is needed! You don’t need to have a shop! All you need to do is below:

  1. Register by sending an email to sales@faitress.com titled ‘I want to be a freelance sales retailer’- state your location and include your phone number please.
  2. Once you have been appointed a sales retailer, you will be emailed the price list and pictures of product.
  3. You need to find customers that want to buy the various types of amazing hair we have.
  4. Once you find a customer, you contact the Faitress head office with your sales request.
  5. Faitress hair handles all delivery and payment collection from clients.
  6. Your sales commission (10%) is transferred to your account within 48 hours.
  7. Simple as ABC
  8. Imagine you sell hair worth N60,000, you make N6,000 from the comfort of your home, no capital, no shop, no delivery. Just the selling/introduction!

What are you waiting for! Hurry! Lastly, follow mrsceonaija.com for interesting opportunities.

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