We are both females! Why should I care?

We are both females! Why should I care?

Everybody says it’s a man’s world out there but in the 21st century we are experiencing a lot of changes from women. In the cooperate world, right now about 26 women are CEO’s of fortune 500 companies, in politics all over the world we have a few women who have ran for senate, who have been Presidents, who have been Prime Ministers etc, this is a huge growth from the 80s and 90s but it is still very little this is about 10% growth. Research has shown that it’s a lot tougher out there for women to succeed, companies would rather hire single women without commitments, than higher married women. Companies are usually hesitant to employ a mother because they are seen as less committed, while on the other had their male counter parts are seen as stable committed employers if they are married and are fathers. It’s a hard world out there both in the corporate world and in the entrepreneurship world for women but there can always be a solution.

If women come together as a whole to be their sister’s keepers then the world would be a better place. It grieves my heart when I hear women say they hate their boss because she is female and she is mean. A friend once told me that her boss treated them based on her emotions -when she was happy everyone was happy when she was disturbed it was hell in the office. Another lady told me that she finds it very hard getting a good performance report from her female boss no matter what she does. She now has a male boss and it’s a whole new ball game. He coaches her, encourages her and pushes her to do more.  Women have gotten into the habit of being competitive in the world and thereby forgetting the fact that if we stick together we succeed together. In Nigeria if we have more female CEO’s coaching other young ladies we would have more women heading fortune 500 companies.

One of the factors that stop women from attaining success is GUILT. Women feel guilty leaving their kids most nights because they have to work. Women feel guilty getting help to take their kids for a dentist check up. In most cases women are the ones who make their fellow females feel guilty for being a working professional or a successful businesswoman. I always stand by Oprah’s words a woman can have it all but not at the same time. I never let anybody tell me that as a woman I cannot have it all. I can and I would, I just have to have a plan.

In my journey as a writer and an entrepreneur it was hard to get any mentor, someone who wanted to at least read my work, review my product, but with perseverance I was able to find people who were willing to give me the opportunity and criticize me constructively. This makes you grow and builds your confident.

Every woman should be her brothers/sisters keeper. Seek a mentor and shadow them. If you like blogging, look for a blogger you like, that is specific to your niche and shadow them. If you want to be an entrepreneur, look for women who have succeeded in your field and ask for advice, take it, learn from their mistakes and do not forget when you get successful do the same for another sister, remember a woman can have everything, united we stand.

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Ibifiri Kamson is a full time writer and blogger. You can find her articles on sabinews.com, where she writes as Tee journaling her interesting life in the continent Asia, as she currently resides there. She also runs her own blog secretlilies.com, focused on teaching women how to work from home while they joggle motherhood and family

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