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At mrsceonaija, we believe in showing Nigerian women how to fish, not giving fish. The name of the game is empowerment! MESK will empower women through free trainings, internship and free skills acquisition trainings.

The goal is to train 500 females in a year starting June 4th 2015.  Already, we have some corporate partners  onboard that have volunteered to train girls and women. Some of these include beauty makeovers, organizations,   hand-crafts companies and so on.  To apply for these trainings, fill this form. Entries are open all year round.

We will contact you as soon as we are able to match you with a volunteer trainer in your location. Note that there will be several applications so please be patient and never give up on your dreams! Also, follow this blog so you can be aware when we publish the list of the trainers/trainees monthly. You need to follow the blog to get the notification please.

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