Do your children know why they attend school? Do you know why you went to school?

Do your children know why they attend school? Do you know why you went to school?

It has almost become a routine for both educated and uneducated parents to enroll their children in school as soon as they can say the word ‘mama’! Almost everyone says education is good, education is important; education will give us a better life! but the real question is WHY?

For some parents:

  1. School is where they ship the children daily to have some peace and quiet!
  2. For some, it is where they keep their children till they return from work! Where else!
  3. For others, it is a place to network and get business contacts!

Again, the question is do your children really know why they are going to school? or you do know why you went to school?

  1. Is it for them to read and write only?
  2. Is it for them to know how to solve Mathematical formulas! After all, without a C grade in Maths, they will not gain admission into most tertiary institutions.
  3. Is it to learn how to speak English through the nose like a British royalty?

Whilst the above reasons are good, they shouldn’t be the ultimate reasons. This is what we believe at!

Teach your children these 6 reasons from a very young age so that they grow into real educated adults not just children that went through the school walls.

  1. Learn to be excellent at everything you do: My child, don’t just strive to get the 1st position in a particular subject, learn to be the best at what you do. Achieve your personal records, then beat them over and over again. This is what winners do!
  2. Learn to build networks and socialize: My child, make life-long friends and acquaintances. On your way to the top, you will meet some along your path.
  3. Learn to speak in public with confidence: Many go to school but do not have the courage to express how smart they are. My child, do not be part of these ones. You may be smart but how will the world know, if you can’t tell them about your ideas. Remember, ideas rule the world! expressed ideas!
  4. Learn what you are very good at: My child, there is something that only you can do best! No one can do it like you do, you are unique! Try to discover yourself whilst you are young.
  5. Awakens the curiosity in you so you always want to learn: When you stop learning, you are almost dead! My child, school should awaken the hunger to learn in you. Not just to learn till university but to keep learning, to keep discovering, to keep wanting to know more about the world, its resources and its people. If you go to school and all you want to do is to read for exams, you have not achieved this life-long hunger for learning.
  6. Helps you to know how to solve theoretical problems so you can solve real life ones! This is the ultimate; school should teach you how to solve real life problems. You may never use BODMAS or algebra formulae in real life but what it teaches you is how to identify real life problems so you can create real life solutions for them. My child, when you grow, you must know how to create value, you must know how to meet peoples’ needs to generate wealth.

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