How to dress to be hired at your next job interview!

How to dress to be hired at your next job interview!

There is a popular saying that goes 1st impression matters. 1st impression is a combination of different things- what you say, how you say it, how you act and your looks!

Guess what! You only get one first impression, no second chance so look the part! The way you dress for an interview says how detailed, neat, and professional you are.

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Tip 1: Be clean!  This sounds like the obvious but it is very important.  No matter how expensive, beautiful your outfit is, it will be ruined by certain unhygienic factors.  Ensure you take a shower before you leave for the interview, not just to look clean but to feel fresh. Wash your hands before the interview as there is a 50% chance that you will shake hands at the interview, you don’t want to leave a sticky, sweaty stain, do you?  Have clean nails, avoid sharp, too long, multi colored nails.

Tip 2: Smell nice but NOT overwhelming: Perfumes and fragrances are always welcome but beware of choking fragrances. You don’t want your interviewer choking or coughing during the process. There is a 50% chance you won’t get the job if the interviewer passes out from the choking smell J

Tip 3: Don’t chew! If you want to maintain a fresh breath, it is ok to chew gum before the interview, not during the interview. Not only is it distracting, it doesn’t look cool to chew and talk at the same time. This also applies to candies and snacks.

Tip 4: All about the hair! Make sure your hair is neatly done, avoid extreme hairstyles or colours. Whilst this doesn’t affect your performance or capabilities, different organizations have certain stereotypes about hair color so it’s better to be cautious.

Tip 5: Dress for a professional environment. If you’re interviewing for a career in a formal environment, such as a traditional corporate office, it’s important to look professional so your employers can see you appropriate for their company.  Corporate attires such as suits, formal dresses can be appropriate

Tip 6: Dress for a casual environment. Some work environments, such as technology companies or multinationals have a smart or business casual dress code. You can check the company’s website or social media pages to find out their dress code.  If you wear a full suit to an interview at a casual company, you will look like a stuffed teddy bear J For women, a nice top and simple skirt will do or a fitted trouser and a smart shirt. Even if the company dress is totally casual, you can opt for business casual so you don’t look like you are totally unprepared.

Tip 7: If unsure, dress formally: If you’re unsure about whether to dress business casual or professional, just dress professionally.

Tip 8: Wear nice and subtle eye makeup. Avoid wearing excess makeup. Wear just enough makeup to make a pleasing impression, but avoid brightly colored eye shadows, blush e.t.c you should look like you’re going to work, not showing up for a disco party.

Tip 9: Avoid unnecessary exposure. You are being assessed for competence not your body parts! Do not show cleavage. You don’t want your interviewers staring at your breasts instead of your face. Do not wear excessively short dresses or skirts; do not wear a transparent cloth. Your underwear should be wear it belongs- under!

Tip 10; Comfort is important. The biggest culprit here is the shoes! We all love stunning heels but this is not the best day for that. You should go for reasonable heels that you can walk comfortably or even stand in. If you can, avoid showing the toes.

 Lastly, no matter how pretty your outfit is, you need a perfect smile and the confidence of Mrs. Obama to leave your interviewers breathless. You need to be prepared for the interview, be articulate in your speech, be clear on what value you will add to the organization. Leave your interviewer breathless enough to hire you! Good luck.

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4 thoughts on “How to dress to be hired at your next job interview!”

  1. Really does your dressing impact your capability? I think NO, even if you are well dressed and have nothing to offer, you won’t get the job

    1. Hello Dare, dressing doesnt affect capability. However, it does affect perception and sometimes perception can be a barrier to your capability assessment. Do you agree? 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree on your point on perception. It’s also important that you let them know that they also need to effectively capture their capabilities. Will love to see a blog on how candidates can better communicate their capabilities during interviews. Keep up the good job!

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