How do you manage a ‘bad’ boss? 6 secrets !

How do you manage a ‘bad’ boss? 6 ways!

First, it is in the interest of the employee, employer, boss, subordinate to work together in one accord to achieve the corporate goals. We spend half of our active time at work so it is healthy to develop good relationship at the workplace. Almost everyone agrees to this!

However, this doesn’t always work out and people are faced with difficult or seemingly tough bosses.

What is the best way to handle? These are our thoughts! Feel free to share yours!

  1. Be sure you are doing your part: First things 1st, you need to be sure you are delivering your work as expected or even better. No matter what happens, don’t let this bad boss or the bad energy affect your job negatively. Be positive and stay strong.
  2. Talk to your boss about it: Here, the key is not to be confrontational. Rather seek to understand what makes your boss happy. This is not the time to go emotional, not a time to cry, not a time to be defensive. It is a time to understand what your boss expects from you and how he/she likes to work.shutter stock
  3. Document everything even ‘one on one’ meetings: This is not all about not trusting your boss. It is also a way to ensure all agreements are duly captured for future reference or review. It can help to track performance. It is your proof as you don’t want to get into verbal wars.
  4. Be professional & know his/her ‘anger buttons’. If your manager is the type that gets easily provoked, try to understand what triggers this and avoid as much as possible. Be professional in your relationship, language and conduct. This is not the time to be rude. Try to work towards making your boss shine at work. Work within his/her corporate agenda. Work to make him/her shine. I know this doesn’t sound reasonable but it works!bad boss kinky image
  5. Understand how the company policies protect you: In some organizations, there are written down policies and procedures on how some things should be done. Example, If your company policy doesn’t support running personal errands for your bosses, then don’t be intimidated to do this. Understand the policies and use them to your advantage Stand tall!
  6. If it gets unbearable, you have options: you can ask to be transferred to another department discretely; you can seek a mature mentor at work to coach on how to manage. If you must consider a job change, then please make inquiries of who your boss will be there so you don’t move from frying pan to fire. 🙂 Lastly but not the least, pray about the situation.

We want to hear from you! Have you had a tough boss before? How did you manage? What worked? What didn’t? You can also take the poll below and view results too! What is your idea of a bad boss? Take the poll now! 

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