Attention! Learn how to set up a Facebook Page & a FREE Website for your business.

Attention! Learn how to set up a Facebook Page & a FREE Website for your business.

This episode is based on popular demand. In this age, business has gone beyond the regular brick and mortar space. In addition to having an office space or working from home, every business needs to have an online presence. For a new business, you can start by creating both a facebook page and a website to showcase your business to the world.  You can also set up an Instagram account if your business involves products that can be displayed as pictures.


How to set up a facebook page:

  1. Go to your personal facebook account, look at the top right corner of the page. You will see this. Click on the last icon on the right.FB 1
  2. When you click, it will show different actions possible, click on the ‘create page’!CREATE PAGE
  3. When you click on the create page, it will give you 4 different options to pick from. Click on the one that applies to you. Example: Local business or place or company, organization or institution. Fill in the details of your business. Then click ‘Get started’.
  4. It will show you the page details, please fill and save. You are good to go!FB 3

How to set up a free website:

For a new business, you can start with a free website. This means you will not get a  custom made domain name, your website will look something like

A popular site for this is wix, it is free and easy to use. You don’t need to pay to set it up, you don’t need any programming language, you can do it yourself.

  1. Go to the wix website:
  2. Click on start now….WIX 1
  3. You need to sign in, you can either create a user name and password or log in with your facebook or google profile.SIGN IN
  4. It will take you to the dashboard. Do not panic, simply click on edit site to start customizing your site.EDIT SITE
  5. You will see a sample site on the template, you need to change this to suit your website needs. e.g change the name, edit the colours, add your contact details e.t.c For all the aspects of the site, just click on it. When you click , it will bring up a small pop up that will allow you to edit.NO 5
  6. Edit the site to your taste. Keep Saving. To save, look at the top right of the page, you’ ll see the button to save.NO 6
  7. When you are done, feel free to publish! This means your site will be seen by all. When you click on publish, it will show you the pop up below: Turn on the 1st button, this will allow search engines to find your site. This means, when people search from google and other search buttons, they will find your site.PUBLISH
  8. Then, click on publish!

There you are! Simple as 1,2,3. You will see something like this, this means your site is ready. Click on the link to view the site in a few minutes.



There is also a tab in purple that says get your own domain (upgrade now)- this means you can get your website to have its own domain name, that will not show wix in its address.  You will need to pay to have this if you want this. :-). If you don’t, then already enjoy the free website.

It is important to know that you need good content on your pages to engage your audience. Your website gives access to you, builds your brand, makes it easier to sell and and more. So pay attention to it. Dont just make a boring page, add details of your past jobs, showcase your products and services, leave a working phone number, get testimonials from past clients e.t.c.  Goodluck

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