How To Value Oneself

How To Value Oneself

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 This weekend we just celebrated Easter, Easter for me is a time of reflection spiritually and physically, I am not going to bore you with my personal life so I would silently move straight to the point, “how to value oneself”. I have found out that a lot of success in our business comes from within, how we see ourselves and how much value we place on ourselves as individuals. Coming from a society that encourages women to lower their expectations, their aspirations and dreams it’s no surprise to have women in their thirties and forties who do not know their worth. The success of a business is believing that you can do it.

The success of a business is believing that you can undertake whatever task and execute it beautifully, but this mindset and thinking has to come from within. You should be able to tell yourself everyday that you can do it. One of the things that helps me in believing that I am of great value and I am just the right person my clients need is self-motivation and positive confession. As easy as it sounds it is difficult to follow it. I stand in the mirror daily confessing that I am capable of doing anything I want to do. Another motto that sticks and has worked for me is: “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”, excuse my spirituality today, I guess it comes with the season, lol. When I tell my mind that I can do all things, I find out that solutions of difficult problems just come crashing in, like the saying goes when it rains it pours. I am very inspired by Jen Groover’s tweets when she talked about her Avon story.

“To start, here are my 3 key tips for finding confidence: value self-respect; face your fears; lead by example”

Face your fears

This is one of my biggest challenges as I grow older I realize fear has been holding me back for years. If you give me enough time I can talk myself out of anything from buying the dress I want in the store to taking a speaker opportunity at a conference. But in the last year I’ve been taking min steps forward, by taking a leap and just doing”.

Another one of her tweets

“A result of low confidence is inaction-when we hesitate, we hold back. Break out of that comfort zone & try something new!

Another one of my biggest challenges, because the one thing we all love about our comfort zone is that its safe and well a comfortable place to be. Fortunately things have changes at my office forcing me out of that comfort zone and while it was nerve wrecking at first I’m starting to love it”.

Jen’s tweets reminds me so much of myself, I can talk my self from doing anything; I call it going into self-pity mood. I am always afraid thinking that nobody would listen to me or buy my products or I suck at what I do? Like I said earlier it’s a mindset thing and once you start seeing yourself as adding value in life, your business of choice, to your clients, the sky would just be your stepping stone.

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