Election special: I’m just a regular woman, not Queen Amina!!

 Election special: I’m just a regular woman, not Queen Amina!!

This week’s post is dedicated to an anticipated peaceful election in Nigeria. It will just be a crime to talk about something else.

Many may wonder – how does the election affect female empowerment, female financial freedom, female career progress? Female inspiration? Female growth? Female entrepreneurship?

Let me show you.

Many  activities are on pause till the elections- this impacts the economy. This includes simple but important events such as weddings. Many small scale businesses thrive when economic activities are booming. The wedding industry alone creates jobs directly or indirectly for a wide range of people. From caterers, to decorators, event planners, aso-ebi retailers, event center owners and a lot more. This is just a super simple example. There are more complex examples such as overall delays in investments into the economy, fewer contracts in circulation, big projects on hold and more.

The devaluation of the naira is putting profit pressures on both big and small businesses. For many women that do international trading, they can testify that they’ve had to increase price of their goods just to cover the exchange rate loss. Something that would typically sell for N3,000 automatically goes up to about N4,000 because the exchange rate moved from about N160s to N225 naira to 1 dollar. This discourages traders from buying enough stock as their capital value is suddenly weaker. The amount of stock they can buy is much lower as the value of the money is reduced.

Education cost goes up: We all know how parents love to give their children the best. This is even truer for women :-). For those that have children schooling outside Nigeria, they are already paying more on fees just because of exchange rate.

My personal favourite: Feeding cost goes up! No matter how much allowance the man gives, we all know the woman always has to supplement to ensure her family gets the best nourishing meals. I went shopping recently and noticed most of the brands have increased their prices already by about 10%. Imagine! At this point, I need to speak my limited pidgin! Man no go chop again?

Career women are not left out: When the business slows down for the company, there is more pressure in the system. Longer working hours, less hours for the family and slower promotions. A tired mummy is not good for the family especially for our lovely children.

In short, as a woman you get impacted in one way or the other by the state of the economy, by the political stability of the country, by the upcoming elections. So don’t be a spectator.  Yes, you may not be Queen Amina! History has it that she was a fierce warrior, infact she helped Zaria become the trade hub and she ruled Zaria at the age of 36 years!


But in your own little way, you can make a change.

  1. Mentally accept that Nigeria must get better. We cannot give up on this country. We have no other place to run to. Even if you run, home is where the heart lies 🙂
  2. If you have your personal voters card, please vote. Be safe whilst at it.
  3. Try your best to do good where ever you find yourself: at home, at work, in the community. Be the change you want to see. Walk the talk.
  4. Lastly, pray for this country all the time. As a popular Yoruba adage says ‘ Everything that Is good needs prayers, everything that is not so good still needs prayers’

Mrsceonaija wishes everyone a safe and peaceful election. Cheers to Nigeria.

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