Dress For Success, No Matter Who You Are.


There are many memorable quotes on dressing. A famous Nigerian one is ‘the way you are dressed determines the way you will be addressed’.  This applies to everyone- students, graduates, job candidates, full time mums, employers, employees, entrepreneurs. Mention it!


Whilst dressing probably not the 1st criteria for success, it definitely goes a long way in creating the right perception about you, your brand or service. Here are a few tips to guide.

  1. Dress For Your Body Type. This is a big one for me. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it suits you best. Research your body type and understand what brings out the best in you. What suits an hour glass may not suit a pear shaped lady. Dress to your strengths. This doesn’t mean you are boring. Get creative!body type
  2. Dress the part. The more client-oriented your role, the more professional your appearance needs to be. Some jobs just demand you to be more ‘formal’ to make you appear more credible. No one wants her baby’s pediatric doctor with multiple body piercings. Whilst, this doesn’t mean she/he isn’t skilled, it just may create the wrong 1st  impression. Personally, i see Mrs Michelle Obama- the 1st Lady of the USA representing her role despite holding a very public role. There are many Nigerians ladies that do this too. Look around and be inspired. The list is endless. dress for success
  3. Dress Suitably.Different organizations attract different dress codes. Some organizations are ok with relaxed or smart casual outfits whilst some organizations are more formal. Whatever setting you are, try to comply with their dressing codes.
  4. Dress Consistently. Dressing appropriately one day and unsuitably the next sends mixed messages causing confusion for yourself and the observer. Whether we like it or not, your dressing forms a key part of your personal brand.
  5. Dress in The Best Quality You Can Afford. Quality clothing lasts. It will eventually save you some cost in the long run.
  6. Dressing isn’t just the clothing, personal hygiene is included No matter how expensive or pretty the dress is, it can’t cover foul odour.  No matter how ‘neonish’ the lip colour is, it won’t mask dental flaws.  Don’t neglect basic hygiene across board.

After all is said and done, true beauty comes from within. Go forth and shine. Good luck


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4 thoughts on “Dress For Success, No Matter Who You Are.”

  1. Simple, and straightforward article. I like this.
    I’m an apple body type. May I trouble you to ask the kind of clothes or styles that are suitable? It does grieve me sometimes, that I’m unable to wear clothes that require some form of hips 😀

    1. hello, you can do a lot!! a whole lot!!! Pear shaped: The overall idea is to take attention to the top. Example, experiment with different necklines, flaunt your shoulders- These tops immediately attract attention and take the eyes exactly where you want it. Ruffles or puffy sleeves on your top works.
      For your trousers, flares work a lot. A flared leg helps to flatter the whole body for a pear shaped.
      Lastly, stay away from narrow trousers. Good luck!

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